Take the Load Off Your GearCage Cargo Racks with our Landing Gear New Arrival

Take the Load Off Your GearCage Cargo Racks with our Landing Gear New Arrival

With over 15 years of accessory support for the GearSpace and GearDeck enclosed cargo carriers, it's high time for Landing Gear to provide the same load and mobility aid to our popular GearCage line of hitch based cargo racks. Designed for a universal fit, the 2018 release also fits all GearCage slide-out models (4ft and 6ft length sizes built on our TwinTube slideout mount technology).

With shipments beginning February 2018, GearCage owners will be able to enjoy the same form and function that has been provided for over a decade on the GearSpace and GearDeck cargo carriers from Let's Go Aero.

Did you know OVER HALF of all GearSpace & GearDeck owners also purchase the Landing Gear load-bearing support accessory for their carrier? Owners attest to its effectiveness, allowing for these large carriers to be reinstalled and removed from the hitch, alleviating the need for lifting the carrier or the load.

 Landing Gear on Cargo Carrier Studio 1 Landing Gear on Cargo Carrier Studio 2


Landing Gear is a four leg system with bonded front and rear leg sets that fold up and down with a spring loaded catch release mechanism. When folded up for transit, one hardly notices them; they tuck underneath the rack's TwinTube slide-out frame along side otherwise vacant space. Landing Gear is designed for use on smooth, flat surfaces, and offers storage of up to 250 lbs of cargo to include items we typically see transported among customers such as generators, bicycles, lawn chairs and grills, wheel chairs and mobility scooters, lots of luggage, and perhaps the kitchen sink. Whether it is used for long term off-season garage storage or just to leave the carrier behind for a quick trip out of the campsite, the Landing Gear takes the load off the install and removal of our industry leading size and capacity enclosed cargo carriers and storage racks, which would otherwise require a two-person handling exercise.

"The Landing Gear wheels make it very easy to roll the carrier away from the RV trailer or car or into and out of storage whenever needed."
- Dave, Colorado.

We know hitches comes in different sizes but more importantly, vehicles have different hitch heights, so the Landing Gear also features a catch release mechanism for height adjustability using a pull of lever. Once extended in length, the carrier can be slid off the TwinTube platform and rolled away from the vehicle for storage or safe-keeping. Photos Above & Below: Landing Gear on GearSpace Enclosed Cargo Carrier.

 GearSpace Cargo carrier with landing gear Landing Gear Half folded


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