Tips for modifying your BlackBox Slideout Enclosed Carrier

Tips for modifying your BlackBox Slideout Enclosed Carrier

Here at Let’s Go Aero we are pretty pleased with our BlackBox Slideout Enclosed Carrier. This cargo carrier is by far the industry largest for fit on the 2" hitch of large SUVs, pick up trucks, vans and RVs with a Class III minimum tow rating. Its 51 cubic feet of storage space and 300 lbs. payload can handle super large items such as scooters, ebikes, trikes and recumbent bicycles, and electric wheel chairs to name a few. But everyone has some special requirements and we are always impressed with modifications from our customers, like what Bruce, a retired engineer from Northern California, did with his BlackBox.

Bruce has a Unity Class C RV by Leisure Travel Vans and the BlackBox was a perfect solution for hauling an eBike, a mountain bike, a road bike and 225 lbs. of overall gear. Not only did this free up space in the RV, it made access to the bikes a lot easier while keeping everything secure and dry.

Modification No. 1: Waterproofing

The BlackBox is water resistant as is and we have showed how it can protect valuable bikes and gear from winter snow and spring muck in an earlier blog. But Bruce wanted to take this to the next level, so he caulked the inside seams and joints of the BlackBox making it truly waterproof. This may not be necessary in most cases but for added protection and piece of mind it is easy to do.

Black Box with Gear Inside

To do this, use a silicon caulk made for metal. You can pick some up, along with an inexpensive caulk gun, at any hardware store. If your BlackBox is brand new just make sure it is clean and dry. If you are caulking an older BlackBox, clean it with soap and water to remove any dirt and grease and dry it thoroughly. Use a putty knife to remove any old caulk, sealant or dirt. The BlackBox is well engineered and any seams between the floor panels and the side panels will be minimal. Add the caulk along all the seams of the floor panels, the side panels and the Aerfoil cover. Apply the caulk to the inside seams. Position the tip of the caulk at the end of the seam, depress the caulk gun lever and move slowly down the seam. Do not over fill the seam. When you finish you can smooth out the caulk with a dampened finger, but do not overwork the area. You can also put caulk around bolt heads. Let the caulk dry per the instructions for the caulk used.

Modification No. 2: Tie Downs & Lock Up

Everyone uses the BlackBox for different cargo. Some people use it only to carry bicycles and in a previous blog we have shown how to use the versatile Black Box Bike Mounts to comfortably carry three bicycles. Bruce has three special bikes, but he also wanted to fill up the remaining space with gear and tie downs were needed to secure his load. Our D-Ring Tie Downs deliver the perfect solution for securing gear by providing a secure anchor for ropes, lines and bungee cords. Using a 3/8” bolt you can mount the D-Ring any place around the rim of the Black Box. Bruce strategically placed them in spots where they offered the most flexibility when loading his gear.

Side Image Black box with gear

Modification No. 3: Personal Design

We are partial to the BlackBox and Let’s Go Aero logo but understand that once it is on your RV, van or car you want it to reflect your personality. Vinyl decals adhere very well to the flat black polypropylene surface of the BlackBox. Bruce has added his own “EAGLE” decal to his BlackBox but your imagination is your only limit. The company 'Flea Away' uses the BlackBox on the back of their RV and uses the space to promote their non-toxic, all natural flea repellent. Most local vinyl graphics sign shops will be able to come up with simple or elaborate custom wraps for your business, style or passion.

Have you made modifications to your BlackBox? What did you do? Tell us about it below and send us some photos. Tell us what you think of your BlackBox by submitting a review. We are always happy to hear from you.

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