Tent with Rain

Understanding Camping & Tailgate Tent Material Ratings: Denier, UV, and PU

When shopping for a camping tent or shelter, you may come across terms like denier, UV, and PU, which describe the tent's material rating. Understanding these ratings is important in choosing a tent that suits...
Campfire on a gloomy day

Tips for Staying Dry While Camping in the Rain

Camping is a wonderful way to connect with nature, but it can quickly turn sour when the rain starts to pour. There's nothing worse than being cooped up in a tent, with nothing to do...
Home is where the Haus is!

Home is where the Haus is!

Let's Go Aero recently introduced a new addition to our Tentris family of modular shelters called the ArcRV Side Room, a product designed to provide expandable living space for Sprinter and other RV owners mobile lifestyles.
ArcHaus Shelter

ArcHaus: The Summer Essential Tailgate Shelter & Tent

Summer is almost here! At Let's Go Aero we are already seeing the temperature go up and watching the summer time gear begin to hit grocery store shelves. Sunscreen, folding chairs, and swimsuits are a...
2016 Model LittleGiant

LittleGiant Stories: 19 Days in Colorado

Our good friend Ron spent 19 Days in our LittleGiant TreeHaus Camper and shared some great photos and thoughts us! Here's his review of his journey from purchase to camping and even hauling his son's gear on...
ArcHaus Side Shelter on Large SUV

The ArcHaus Living Shelter Is Not Your Average "Car Tent"

Whether you're tucked away in the mountains, lounging in the desert, or supporting your local sports team, the ArcHaus living shelter will be there for protection and functional support.
Tentris Line of Carport Shelters: A System Overview

Tentris Line of Carport Shelters: A System Overview

Outdoor enthusiasts, campers, tailgaters, RVers and everyone else seeking adaptive shelters for vehicles and weather conditions have much in common, thanks to the Tentris family of modular shelters.
ArcRV and ArcHaus Carport Shelters Expand RV Living and Storage Space

ArcRV and ArcHaus Carport Shelters Expand RV Living and Storage Space

Our outdoor lifestyle experts have introduced an innovative way to expand RV living and storage space with the adaptable new ArcRV side room and awning addition to the Tentris line of modular carport shelters.
Family Fun in the ArcHaus

Find the Right Tailgate Tent for your Small RV or Eurovan Camper

Recreation travel typically entails some form of camping or overnight lodging. A comfortable way to stay connected to the environment is small RV or Eurovan Camper travel with a tailgate tent for gear storage and...