Innovative Tilt and Fold Four Bike Rack Does It For All

Innovative Tilt and Fold Four Bike Rack Does It For All

Our new BikeWing T4 tilting, folding, and lightweight bike rack is something to talk about. We've taken our patented V-Rack design to another level of features and function with the T4 four bicycle hitch rack model. Read about the how this technology flows with your vehicle while taking the hassle out of racking up your bikes.

The BikeWing T4, like the BikeWing 4 model, has two sets of wings to support four bikes. For rear vehicle access and compact storage, the wings are easily removable from the rack's base. The T4, with "T" standing for "trifold", includes a pivoting base underneath each V, or set of wings, that allows the wings to fold down when not in use. This feature offers an even quicker method for obtaining rear hatch and cargo bay access. A tilting feature allows the entire rack to position upright for parking and garage clearance.

BikeWing -4 Folded Against Vehicle

And that's not all. The V-Rack design is fundamentally so simple that its construction is only 34 lbs. Together with the modularity (removable wings), installing and removing the rack from the hitch is easy for moms and kids alike. 

The wheel mount design is also very easy to put bikes on and off, and the adjustable cradles take seconds to switch up in positioning for small to big bikes, cruisers, BMX bikes - even recumbent bicycles.

When something is made to its simplest potential, new possibilities arise. The V-Rack design has evolved to keep up with the greatly expanded range and style of bicycles sold today. It has even surprised ourselves, as we discover that the T4 can quickly carry just one bike when folded up, that the rack works as a great stand for mechanical work, that carrying recumbents is a snap, and so much more.


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