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Frequently Asked Questions about our Tailgate and Portable Shelters

Does the Moon Unit or ArcHaus come with a Floor?

The Moon Unit Unit includes a modular removal floor but a separate add-on called our Screen Room is required to add a floor into the ArcHaus

How are Let's Go Aero Shelters in the wind?

Great! Let's Go Aero made handle tough wind conditions but we recommend that you stake your tent in all environments, and avoiding setting up your tent in windy or hazardous situations whenever possible. 

Can I connect the ArcHaus to the TreeHaus Camper or the SummitHaus Camper?

Using the 5s ArcHaus Tailgate Connection you can connect the ArcHaus Shelter to the either the TreeHaus Camper or the SummitHaus Camper.

Do you sell replacement polls and clips for the shelters?

While they are not currently available on our online store, we can sell replacement Shelter parts. Please call our office at (719) 630-3800 and speak with a customer service representative to order your replacements parts. 

How will the shelters connectors fit around my vehicle?

All of our shelter connectors include universal stretch bungee and attachment straps. The Moon Unit - RV Edition also includes magnets.

Are the Moon Unit and ArcHaus shelters bug proof?

No, due to the modular nature of the Shelters they are not Bug Proof.

Are the Moon Unit and ArcHaus Shelters Waterproof?

The material of the Moon Unit and ArcHaus shelter is waterproof, however due to modular nature of the Shelters, the shelters themselves are not considered waterproof. Rest assured anyone hiding from the weather will find themselves nice and dry underneath our shelters.