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Frequently Asked Questions About our Bicycle Hitch Racks

Do offer replacements for your Racks should I lose or damage any parts?

We have replacement parts available for sale in the event of loss, and for any warranty exception.

Are any of your racks rated for use on a 5th Wheel/Travel Trailer?

Yes! All of our TwinTube based carriers are rated for use on towable RV's and Travel Trailers. Click here to see all of our Travel Trailer Rated Carriers.

Do you have any racks for fat bikes?

Yes! While some of our Racks like the VFR, and V-Lectric can carry fat bikes right out of the box all of bike racks are upgradable to carry fat bikes with a Fat Wheel Cradle kit.

Can your racks work with fenders?

All of racks works with smaller fenders but those with larger ones will want to look to our V-Lectric VFR E-Bike Carrier.

Do you have bikes racks for 1.25in hitches?

Yes! Our bikeWing-2 PRO, NEO-2 and NEO-4 are all rated for 1.25in hitch recievers and even include an adapter for 2in hitches.

Do you have any racks for heavier electric bikes?

Yes we do! All our Twintube based have heavier ratings for bigger bikes with the biggest being our V-Lectric VFR rack which can carry bikes up to 80 lbs.

What kind of bikes are suitable for your V-Rack carriers?

Our selection of hitch racks is designed to accommodate a wide range of bicycle types to suit every cyclist's needs. Whether you have road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, or even children's bikes, we offer specific racks that ensure compatibility and safety for each type. If your unsure about which rack will work best for your needs, feel free to give us a call at 719-360-3800 and would be happy to help you!