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Frequently Asked Questions About our Silent Towing Anti-Rattle Hitch Pins

I've lost the keys to my locking Silent Hitch Pin, do you have replacement keys?

We always make extras, however they do run out. Give us a call at 719-630-3800 with your key code to see if we have replacements of your code in stock. You can find the key code engraved on the keys themselves. We recommend writing down your key codes if your concerned you may need replacements in the future due to loss. Unfortunately if you do not know your key code, we cannot help you with replacements.

How can I tell which Silent Hitch Pin I should be using for my vehicle?

The Silent Hitch Pin is produced in three (3) different sizes, 2in, 2.5in, and 3in corresponding to standard hitch receiver sizes. In most cases, customers should measure the height & width of the inside of the their hollow hitch receiver to determine which size hitch receiver is installed on their vehicle. In some instances however, a larger Silent Hitch Pin is required for vehicles that have thick hitch receiver side walls than that specified by the diameter.

What material is the Silent Hitch Pin made of?

The Silent Hitch Pin is made of 4140 cold rolled steel with a heavy chrome finish and the Spring Nut has a hot dip zinc finishes that natural lubricates the Silent Hitch Pins' threads and provides anti-corrosion protection. 

If I change vehicles is the Silent Hitch Pin transferable?

Yes, the Silent Hitch PIn and Spring Nut assembly are quickly and easily transferred to vehicles of the same hitch receiver size. 

The listing says the Silent Hitch Pin can remove the noise and motion from hitch, how does that work?

The patented technology of the Silent Hitch Pin removes distracting noise and motion by adding compression to the interior of the hitch receiver using a Spring Nut coil threaded for a lock-tight connection to the Silent Hitch Pin ultimately removing all excess space leaving no room for noise causing friction.