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Frequently Asked Questions About our RV Rated Bicycle Carriers

Do offer replacements for your carriers should I lose or damage any parts?

We have replacement parts available for sale in the event of loss, and for any warranty exception.

Travel Trailers hitches are harsh. Are your RV carriers rated for the rear of Travel Trailers?

Yes! All of Let's Go Aero's Twintube based carriers are Travel Trailer approved when using a standard 2in hitch. Please note that Let's Go Aero products are not warrantied on "Bolt-on" Hitch Receivers.

Do you have any Travel Trailer rated bikes racks for 1.25in hitch receivers?

No, 1.25in hitches are simply too light support bikes on the rear of travel trailers.

Do you have any e-bike carriers that are rated for Travel Trailers?

Yes, due to the beefy nature required for e-bikes. All of our e-bike & e-trike carriers are rated for Travel Trailers.

My bikes are heavy, do have any carriers with ramps?

Yes, we have two! The VFR e-Bike Carrier and TriQuad Trike & Quad Carrier both include ramps for easy loading and unloading of bikes, trikes & quads.