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Frequently Asked Questions About our Truck Mounts Products

Is any drilling or modifications required for mounting the Nelson Truck Mounts?

No there is no drilling or modifications of any kind required to mount the Nelson truck mounts.

Do offer replacements for your Nelson Truck Mounts should I lose or damage any parts?

We have replacement parts available for sale in the event of loss, and for any warranty exception.

Can you mount fat bikes to any Nelson Truck Models?

A Fat Bike Wheel Cradle Kit (sold separately) is required for in order to adapt your Nelson Truck Mount to transport fat bikes.

Can you carry E-Bikes with any of the Nelson Truck Mount Carriers?

Most e-bikes are too heavy to mounted to the Nelson Carrier. We recommend moving heavy e-bikes to the hitch using one of our e-bike rated hitch carriers. All our Twintube based have heavier ratings for bigger bikes with the biggest being our V-Lectric VFRrack which can carry bikes up to 80 lbs.

Why would I need a Nelson Tie-Off Kit? Is the Nelson unstable when hauling?

Most people don't need it. The tie-off kit is only used increasing the weight limit for some accessories like our kayak mounts or for off-road use. Out of the box, each Nelson is rated for use on 'improved roads" (dirt roads with wash boards etc.).