New Crash Pad Camper Upfit Announced for Let's Go Aero Trailers

New Crash Pad Camper Upfit Announced for Let's Go Aero Trailers

Designed as an optional upfit for the LittleGiant and SpecOps Trailer models, Let’s Go Aero is adding the new Crash Pad to its selection of camper accessory offerings for the 2021 camping season. The Crash Pad brings unique features as a fast set-up tonneau opening style hard top shell, lockable security and second level decking for sleeping two with storage space below. 

The Crash Pad is distinctively different from Let’s Go Aero’s current tent camper upfit offerings. While its TreeHaus and SummitHaus Camper Upfit models designed with full tent enclosure, the Crash Pad’s hard shell construction offers enhanced weather protection for all season camping, and hard top enclosed security when towing. Crash Pad coverage is applied using the HexCap tonneau style lid, with a sloped opening design that provides 24 inches of headroom above the deck in the front and 60 inches in the rear.

Crashpad Camping Tent

Inside the camper is a large elevated deck for efficient use of interior space for air beds and gear storage. The interior platform is a large sleep platform measuring 75 by 54 inches comfortably sleeping two on deck with gear stored underneath. Below deck, the spacious storage measures 84 inches long by 54 inches wide by 20 inches high.

The Crash Pad tent seals around the trailer with heavy-duty Velcro that quickly and securely affixes to the trailer contour. The heavy-duty four season material includes large screened windows on both sides of the tent and door for scenic viewing and great ventilation for mid-day naps. An additional attached doorway panel and poles set up the awning, which can be shut against the trailer door when campers are away to further protect the camper from weather and enhance security.

Crashpad Camping Trailer Camping in Colorado

The upfit also includes conversion hardware to utilize the removed end gate by suspending on either side of the trailer, providing a large 54 x 24 inch side table for gear and cooking equipment.

The Crash Pad upfit is a convenient, hassle free means for secure travel and year-round camping. With quick and easy set up and take down, the added lock down capability when campers are off on a big day hike or bike ride is reassuring.   The Crash Pad addition to either the LittleGiant or SpecOps trailer makes it the perfect product to skip from spot-to-spot when on an extended trip, or for an impromptu weekend camping fling close to home.

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