Introducing the SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer Line

Spec Ops Off-Road Trailer

Just as the sun dipped behind the ridge a Jeep 4x4 pulled out of an old lumber road onto the highway. This is the first time in five days the jeep and its occupants have seen a paved road or any sign of civilization. Behind the jeep is Let’s Go Aero’s Spec Ops AnyRoad Trailer.

Five days ago it was loaded with camping provisions and food for four, hunting gear and the SummitHaus tent camper system. TheLeatherback tonneau cover kept the gear covered, dry, and dust free. On the second day out, the SummitHaus Tent and the attachable ArcHause Shelter kept everyone and everything dry during a torrential thunderstorm. Folded up and packed in their canvas bags, the tents take up about as much room as a large cooler leaving plenty of room in the off road utility trailer for provisions and hunting gear (the campers large aluminum decking panels go unnoticed as stored vertically inside the trailer). With a 2,000 lbs. payload capacity and a wide 54” by 86” length interior trailer bed, our crew was able to pack everything they needed. Of course now the food was almost all gone, but now there was a 4 point and 6 point buck strapped onto the trailer!

Spec Ops Black Trailer on Tacoma

Off Road Trailer? AnyRoad Trailer!

With a 20” ground clearance some folks have called the Spec Ops trailer a jeep trailer, an off road trailer, or an overland trailer. We call it an AnyRoad Trailer because even though the Spec Ops can go anywhere a Jeep 4x4 or any off road vehicle can go, the light truck tires with low rolling resistance and balanced spin means this trailer can handle freeway speeds with no problems at all. Good news for our hunting party, they still have to travel 160 miles on the interstate. We’re betting they will be home in about two and a half hours or less.

We could have just as well named it the Spec Ops AnyJOB trailer because this utility trailer is not limited to camping and hunting trips. With a curb weight of only 500 lb, it can be towed by any car with a trailer hitch. The pick-up style bed is bigger and roomier than most pick-up trucks and the 24” high side walls give you room to pile your load high. This means the Spec Ops can be used on the construction site or hauling 2x4s for your patio deck project. You can load up the Spec Ops with yard waste for a run to the land fill or you can haul winter hay to your cattle. Set up the SummitHaus Camper components and use it as a basecamp the next time you climb a fourteener or the next time you bring your family on a weekend camping trip.

Spec Ops Trailer on Blazer with HexCap Lid

The rugged 18 gauge sheet metal frame and solid steel bed, America made construction, makes the Spec Ops our AnyRoad, AnyJob, AnyWhere Trailer and a proud addition to our LittleGiant Trailer pick up bed technology. Having trouble deciding between the Spec Ops and LittleGiant trailers? Read our blog that compares the two trailers or contact our online product specialists.

Download the SPEC OPS Trailer Brochure

Download the SPEC OPS OVERLANDER Brochure


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