Press Release: Let's Go Aero's Reveals New Base Rack For Rooftop Top Tent Mounting on the LittleGaint Trailer

LittleGiant with Rooftop Tent

Let's Go Aero is ramping up summer fun with its new Base Mount Rack accessory for LittleGiant Trailers. Mounting directly into LittleGiant’s integrated C-Channel track on the top of the trailer’s sidewall, the Base Mount Rack supports all aftermarket carrier options available for round roof bar systems. LittleGiant’s versatile 7’ long mounting channel provides a secure and adjustable attachment point for as many cross bars as needed to support 2 and 4 person rooftop tents, as well as boats, kayaks, bike racks, roof boxes and other adventure sport gear. And, LittleGiant’s Base Rack works great with the LittleGiant SealSkin soft cover, keeping all the related lifestyle accessories secure and dry stored below the Base Rack.

"The LittleGiant Trailer is truly a one size fits all sporting and utility product we use all the time for camping, kayaking, road travel, work, whatever. The base rack is a great place to attach roof top tents so that once camp is set up with the rooftop tent open, the tow vehicle is free to drive and explore" - Marty Williams, CEO

The custom-designed Z brackets position the 72in Cross Bars 8in above the top of the trailer channel for a large surface space to mount summer adventure sport gear and an ideal platform for aftermarket rooftop applications. Using the built-in levelers and marine jack included as standard feature of the LittleGiant Trailer, campers with Base Rack mounted rooftop tents set-up in record time without having to find perfectly level ground for their vehicle to park on. Once parked, campers are free to disconnect and relocate their trailer to an optimal surrounding location, and use their vehicle for day time activities without having to break camp and pack up their tent.

"The LittleGiant and its Base Rack accessory give owners the opportunity to use their rooftop tent in fun and playful ways. Whether you are simply hoping hopping into the rooftop tent for a quick mid-day siesta or setting up base camp for an extended stay, having the tent door only 40 inches off the ground is super friendly. Maybe the biggest thing we love is being able to unhitch the LittleGiant Trailer, set up camp and be free to drive to the lake, store, trailhead, without losing a camp spot or hassling with setting up and taking down camp every time we want to drive somewhere”- Marty Williams, CEO

The LittleGiant and Base Mount Rack accessory put the fun back in carrying and using summer sport accessories.

Let’s Go Aero is a Colorado based outdoor lifestyle brand company dedicated to innovation that enhances the automotive, travel, and outdoor living experience. For more information, contact Let’s Go Aero at 719-630-3800 and visit the company website at


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