How our ArcHaus Shelter made a Small Camping Trailer a Happier Camper

Moon Unit Side Room Shelter on Happier Camper

Update! The Happier Camper has a new favorite Side Room Shelter! Check out the all-new Moon Unit Overland Camper.


Our products are designed to work together and adapt to many different situations. For example our SPEC OPS AnyRoad trailer can be paired with the SummitHaus tent and ArcHaus 5S Shelter and transformed into the Overlander Camper.  We love to see how our customers adapt Let’s Go Aero products to their specific needs and requirements. RV’ers use the GearSpace 34 Cargo Carrier for extra storage space and one visionary turned our Gear Wagon 125 Enclosed Trailer into a solar powered charging station. That is why we are so excited to see Happier Camper pair their HC1 Ultra-Light Travel and Utility Trailer with our ArcHaus Shelter & Tailgate Tent.

The ArcHaus tent shelter was designed to add extra room to a tent, camper or RV. Of course you can use the ArcHaus Shelter as a standalone tent. It is easy to set up and compact to store. With our additional shelter options you can connect two or more ArcHaus Shelters together to double or triple your shelter size; connect the shelter to the tailgate of an SUV or station wagon; or connect the ArcHaus to an RV or Camper. That is exactly what Happier Camper has done and we could not be happier with the results.



Happier Camper is a company after our own hearts. They have a passion for the outdoors and camping but also for innovative designs and flexibility. Their HC1 is a cute, ultra-light, retro-modern, affordable, small camping trailer. They use a very flexible Adaptivtm modular interior system that is just amazing. You can configure the trailer for a camping trip that will sleep a family of five, convert it into a mini toy-hauler for your motorcycle, or turn it into a mobile mini-office. The list is almost endless and when you combine it with our adaptive technology solutions you’ve really expanded your options.

ArcHaus Shelter on Happier Camper

Innovative Small Camping Trailer

Here are just a few suggestions on some of the many things you can do when you combine Let’s Go Aero products with the HC1 Ultra-Light Travel and Utility Trailer. Mount the WingMan 2-Bike Rack to the trailer drawbar and easily bring a couple of mountain bikes on your next trip. When you install the optional standard 2” hitch sleeve to the Happier Camper HC1 you can mount any of our Vme or BikeWing racks and carry up to four extra bicycles.The ArcHaus Shelter & Tailgate Tent can give you a covered porch or storage area. Zip up the end and you have a private, enclosed extra room.

We could not be happier with the pairing of the ArcHaus Shelter and the HC1 Trailer. Tell us below what you think. Or let us know of the innovative ways you are using our products to enhance your traveling and outdoor living experiences.

Camping Hot Tube under ArcHaus Shelter


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