The LittleGiant Trailer evolution: The Camper-in-a-Box

The LittleGiant Trailer evolution: The Camper-in-a-Box

The LittleGiant is a time-tested trailer-in-a-box with a long history of versatility. Since its invention in 2004, the LittleGiant’s lightweight pick-up bed design has grown from a simple utility workhorse into the most comprehensive all-road and overlanding featured lifestyle product sold anywhere.

The Trailer-in-a box

When the LittleGiant first made its way onto the scene in 2004, the trailer was a basic shell of the enclosed black trailer you see today. Though dimensionally the same as modern LittleGiant trailer, the original had a galvanized steel tube frame and plain wood floor. The original LGT prototype is still in use with a commercial landscaper, and numerous original features remain in the modern LGT’s DNA, including the torsion axle, 13” tires, 54”x86”x24” bed size and the amazing ‘Box Truss’ c-channel bed design for an unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio and broad accessory choices.

Shipping a trailer across the nation is no easy task but the LittleGiant’s unique design allowed for the trailer to be knocked down and shipped in a box, where the four box panels were use as the LGT’s floor and sidewall coverings. All this was way ahead of the lifestyle market in 2005, as the LGA team began shipping LittleGiant trailers as boxed kits. The ‘Trailer-in-a-Box’ design became the blueprint for the LittleGiant moving forward, a lightweight trailer-in-a-box that performed multiple lifestyle rolls, including the Camper-In-A-Box!

LittleGiant Trailer all loaded up and ready to go!

More steel, more gear.

By 2009, the LittleGiant was upgraded to all steel floor, sides and end-gates with a line of growing multi-sport accessories. Designed for both sport, urban lifestyle and utility uses, the LittleGiant’s integrated C-Channel mounting tracks provide for attachment of a huge array of accessories from enclosed covers, to overhead racks to complete campers. From covers, to accessories for boats, bikes, ladders and even rooftop tents, the LittleGiant has always been 'work and play' design.

The addition of the TreeHaus and SummitHaus Camper upfits in 2012, gave the LGT the quantum leap it needed by transforming the trailer from a sport and utility cargo hauler into one of the first lightweight camping and overlanding trailers that could be sold direct to customers with easy LTL pallet fulfillment. LGT’s camper options feature large open space living options that sleep up to six. Like the LittleGiant and its accessories, these camping tents are more popular than ever, and ship easy with the "Camper-in-a-Box'.

LittleGaint Trailer Camping

LGT SpecOps model arrives in 2015.

Between 2006 and 2015, the LGT led the market in its random walk to the “Overlanding Experience” and Let's Go Aero responded to customer demands for a beefed up LGT by releasing its all new SpecOps model in 2016. The SpecOps mission and design theme is

summed with the quote “Failure Is Not Optional” FINO! SpecOps is purpose built to be abused with beefed up coupler, safety cables, axle, wheels, tires, fenders, electrical, hardware, seals and material finish. Double duty defines SpecOps and this is clearly demonstrated with the sheet metal having a flat black powder coat finish OVER a zinc galvanized under coat.

SpecOps’s, like LGT, is a lifetime product.

This year, Let's Go Aero reintroduced the 2020 LittleGiant and Spec Ops with new accessories and cargo management options. The entire line LittleGiant trailers and accessories now feature a flat black powder coat finish with a marine style rolling tongue jack and standard with fold-down rear leveler jacks to be ready for Overlanding adventure right out of the Box.

Looking to the Future.

The LittleGiant Trailer line is the breakout Overlanding and Lifestyle cargo and camping product par excellance! Moving forward, LGT owners can look forward to a growing line of accessories that fit the 1,000’s of LGT’s already in the field, and that provide new owners with the best of the past and the future!

The LittleGiant Trailer is going ‘Long and Strong’!


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