Customer Review on LittleGiant Trailer: Contractor at Work

LittleGiant Trailer for Construction

Update! The LittleGiant Trailer now has a sleek new black look!

Installing steel beams and columns for a massive deck on a second story building was aided by the LittleGiant Trailer for handling of the large welder and utility supplies.

Name: Jay 

Product: LittleGiant Trailer

"Just got back from installing beams and columns for a massive deck. We rented an engine driven welder for the job and put it in our LittleGiant trailer. The trailer had absolutely no problem handling the large welder and all of our supplies for the job. It traveled nicely to the job site several days in a row. As you can see in the picture that I attached. My guys are welding a connection that ties a beam to the building and the LittleGiant Trailer is doing most of the work. Thanks for developing such a great trailer !"


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