Three-Bike Capacity in Enclosed Hitch Carrier

3 Bikes Inside BlackBox Cargo Carrier on RV

When it comes to carrying bikes in an enclosed environment that's covered and protected from the weather and theft, there's not a whole lot around. Take it one step further with solutions for three - possibly four bicycles, and you're in all new territory. Meet the GearCage® AerFoil cargo carrier solution from Let's Go Aero.

The Black Box Enclosed Slide-out Cargo Carrier has a spacious 51 cubic feet interior that measures 72in. L x 32in. W x 39in. H. It is the largest in the Let's Go Aero fleet of cargo boxes, superceding our industry leading capacity GearSpace 34 luggage carrier's 34 cubic feet (this hitch carrier holds up to two bicycles).

With the advent of larger bikes like the 29er, the GearSpace 34 model needed more space. The need for additional bicycle transportation capacity among active couples with their road and mountain bikes, and for families with bikes and other gear, was also apparent. Necessity is the mother of invention at Let's Go Aero, yet again.

Here we present the set up of three bikes - plus a fourth to demonstrate the fit and the extremes. Using our Bike Mount Kit hardware, many can be secured to quick releases that are secured to tracks mounted to the floor of the cargo carrier. Front wheels are removed, as shown. 

Bikes inside Blackbox Cargo Carrier

Shown: 26" Mountain Bike,  51 cm 700cc Road Bike, 29" Mountain Bike, 56 cm 700cc Road Bike

The track easily bolts to the floor using existing bolt holes and hardware. Quick releases are supported by brackets that allows for flexible positioning off the track to manage varying handle bars; the brackets are packaged in varying heights to provide height variation for flexible fit. 

3 Bikes inside of BlackBox RV
Bike Mounts With Bikes


In this field review, we serviced a customer who had four bicycles - two mountain and two road bikes (an additional Bike Mount Kit was required). It took about two hours of nuancing to achieve the fit. So it is possible, but we cannot guarantee that. We can easily promote an easy three bike fit. The rest is for the persistant and the patient, within a range of bicycle standards detailed below.


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