Elk Hunting in the Rockies is Easy with a Small Cargo Camping Trailer

GearWagon on mountain road

UPDATE! The GearWagon has now be replaced with the LittleGiant and Spec Ops Trailers!

Fall is a magnificent season of change in Colorado and a time to enjoy by all. Embrace the season with style - the best way to start is very simple, get outside and make your adventure happen.

Marty Williams, CEO of Let's Go Aero (LGA) ventured into the wilderness in late September to get his share of elk hunting in Colorado in "Grab Your Gear and GO!™" LGA fashion.

Of course his right hand man, (besides his beefy setup), was none other than the Gearwagon 125 Camper, a small off road camping trailer and an outdoorsman's best friend.

This lightweight, compact, and practical setup offers the comforts of home in a rolling habitat that can readily reach some of the best elk hunting base camps in remote and unmarked off road terrains.

GearWagon Camping

"Offers the comforts of home..."

Mr. Williams shares a few words on the GearWagon 125 cargo camping trailer and how this compact trailer for his hunting gear and camping helped enhance his outdoor experience immensely: 

"LGA’s GearWagon 125 Camper transports your equipment and lifestyle to campgrounds or the backcountry in an easy and friendly way. The Camper provides about 60 cubic feet of storage under the bed deck to hold most of the camping gear you need to camp comfortably. Above the deck, the airbed and lighter camp items such as sleeping bags, folding chairs, clothes, baskets and pillows ride great during transit and once the Camper lid is opened, the complete tent and vestibule is set up in mere minutes. Adding the ArcHaus Shelter & Tailgate Tent to the Camper package really rounds out the experience by providing a 6’ x 10’ ground footprint for setting up the kitchen and living area."

GearWagon on mountain road

Optimizing your gear transport, storage, and the outdoor living experience with the GearWagon 125 cargo and camping trailer makes even a quick weekend hunt trip possible by taking a lot of the production out of the preparation. The camping experience is most enjoyable when your equipment is without complication; outdoor adventures are more assured, such as elk hunting in off-road terrains among some of the most exquisite aspens glowing this time of year or taking a fishing trip to your favorite lake.

GearWagon Towed By Element


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