Five Easy Tips for Packing Your Cargo Racks & Gear Bags

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The majority of us have been on our fair share of trips to many destinations but, are you certain you're packing as efficiently as you could be? 

A natural instinct in all of us is to answer this question with a resounding "Yes!", however; there might be some simple things you've been looking over that will help save time, headache, and most of all space. Have a look below:

1. Bring Only Essentials  

This might seem a little overly obvious but, you'd be surprised at how much extra space you'll have and better gas mileage you'll get if you leave some non-essential items at home. If you're struggling in the mobile cargo space department, check this out.

2. Keep Your Cargo Close

Whether it's a car luggage carrier or a small gear bag, you want to make sure that your load stays as close to your vehicle as possible, (heavier items in the middle, lighter items towards the sides). This will greatly eliminate risk of your gear shifting or falling overboard.

GearCage Cargo Carrier with GearBag

3. Prepare for Inclement Weather

When in doubt, ponchos out. If you feel like you'll be traveling into a region that is prone to more nasty weather, take care of your gear well before hand. It's better to have your gear extra dry than to risk any moisture or dirt getting to it.

4. Tighten, Fasten, Repeat 

Another seemingly obvious measure to take but, it really can't be said enough. Use any measures you feel comfortable with to secure your load to your cargo rack, no matter the size. Check often as your gear might've shifted on the road.

5. Don't Risk It

Your possessions are worth more than a few added minutes on the road. If you are ever in doubt of putting something on your cargo box or luggage rack, take the safe route and stow it inside your vehicle. Trips are meant to be enjoyed and the last thing you want is broken gear to disrupt your traveling progress. 

Above all, enjoy yourself.

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