Protect Your Gear on the Hitch with our Bumper Rack Cargo Solution

Protect Your Gear on the Hitch with our Bumper Rack Cargo Solution

Here's a practical and economical way to both maximize your gear carrying capacity and protect it with the help of our hitch cargo rack, gear bag, and some helpful tips from our gear solution experts.

Our entire GearCage bumper rack line is built upon the principle of providing a multi-function cargo carrier for recreational gear, travel luggage, bicycles, mobility scooters and wheelchairs, powered equipments like snowblowers and generators, and other kinds of work and leisure gear. 

We offer two rack lengths in these carriers, 4 ft. & 6 ft. with a common inside width of a 32 inches, which renders the unique functional capacities of the GearCage racks for powered equipments and so much gear. These racks are available in two different frame structures, a fixed platform Straight Pipe (SP) and a slide out TwinTube (TT).  The racks are made of galvanized, powder-coated steel and a solid floor and 7 inch high side rails to contain and protect cargo from road grime. 

GearCage-T6 with gear inside

"unique functional capacities..."

For fully-enclosed cargo containment, our new GearBag™ Expandable Cargo Bags are the industry largest and custom designed for both the GearCage 4 and GearCage 6 rack dimensions. Both cargo bags expand from 16 inches to 26 inches in height that provides an astounding amount of cargo capacity (20 and 30 cubic feet!). The cargo bag is made of premium quality coated nylon with sealed seams, zipper protected storm flaps, rounded corners with compression straps and eight double-clip straps for convenient on and off the rack.

The GearCage-GearBag system duo stands apart from the sea of cargo racks on the market today. For the extra large to extreme capacities associated with real life gear transport dilemmas common to family, group, and extended travel interests, it is a nicely economical alternative to large thermoformed cargo boxes.

GearCage on SUV


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