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GearSpace on RV with Bikes inside

RVers love their Class B van campers for good reason. They get the best gas mileage and are relatively easy to get around in cities and areas with limited parking. However, when it comes to cargo capacity, there’s very little of it. Even worse, extended travels and active lifestyles necessitate more stuff.

We hear of the limited capacity challenges from every customer – and then some. In fact, it turns out that a common storage location in small RVs is the shower and the bed. 

Golf clubs in the shower and bikes on the bed, to be more exact.

GearSpace on RV

So when Kris and Bucky came looking, they already knew that the GearSpace 34 Cargo Carrier was just the right the answer. This is our most popular enclosed carrier among RVers for obvious reason. The huge 34 cubic feet of the enclosed GearSpace 34 carriers capacity is by far the largest on the market and meets real life capacity needs.   

Driving a beautiful 2010 Roadtrek SS RV and with gear of two mountain bikes and other common travel items, Kris and Bucky rearranged their interior on the spot. Using the Bicycle Mounting Hardware Kits (optional) to organize in secured, upright position inside the bumper rack, we ensured proper fit of their mountain bikes with handle bars having 27.5 inch width.

On this Roadtrek SS model, both rear doors have ample room to clear the cargo carrier for access to cargo bay with up to 14” of telescoped clearance (from hitch pin hole to carrier).


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