Home is where the Haus is!

Home is where the Haus is!

Update! Sprinter Van's now have a new favorite sideroom! Check out the Moon Unit - Van Life Edition.

Those adventuresome souls constantly looking over the horizon have embraced the Mercedes Sprinter van as the default mobility solution for their travels.

Undoubtedly this love affair is related to the legendary quality and efficiency of the vehicle. This strong consumer pull has lead RV builders to evolve this versatile vehicle in ways that continue to draw new customers into the mobile lifestyle. The nimbleness and aircraft like aerodynamics of the Sprinter produce miles-per-gallon scores that make fuel costs affordable for owners, and this efficiency carries through to the interior designs in unique ways to make the vehicle an ideal two-person travel solution.

At Let’s Go Aero, we make accessories for the Sprinter RV that improve the ownership experience by providing modular cargo systems and lifestyle enhancements.  Our GearSpace 34 cargo carrier is not only one of the top choices by Sprinter owners wanting to take along lifestyle products like bicycles and golf clubs; adding a GearSpace to the hitch improves the Sprinters already great fuel economy…..who doesn't love having their cake and eating it too!

ArcRV on Sprinter VAN

Let's Go Aero recently introduced a new addition to our Tentris family of modular shelters called the ArcRV Side Room, a product designed to provide expandable living space for Sprinter and other RV owners mobile lifestyles. Like its sibling the ArcHaus living and tailgating shelters for cars, the ArcRV provides a 10’x6’ footprint of fully enclosed and growable room in a 25 pound carry bag.  Amazingly stable in wind and nasty weather, the Arc design features numerous design break-throughs that were recently awarded a second utility patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The ArcRV's height is designed specifically for the Sprinter RV at 8 feet 9 inches tall and made to buttress the RV side or rear doors. This, in actuality, is very tall. The tent's entry side for walk in, walk out, mirrors the dimension of its sibling, the ArcHaus shelter at 6 feet 6 inches tall.

ArcRV is “tweener” space; it is a transformational portal between being fully under the Big Blue or fully In-the-RV.  ArcRV is a great place to Surf the ‘Web, string a fishing rod, house a pet, cook, share some cocktails with friends or simply take off your shoes, kick back and reflect on having it made in the shade. ArcRV is a shed, a house, a porch, a breezeway, a living room, a garage……it is just a great way to stretch the footprint limits of mobile living in efficient vehicles.

ArcRV on Sprinter Van

One person standing on the ground puts up and takes down the ArcRV quickly in 5 to 8 minutes. ArcRV's tie out cords can be attached to the Sprinter door hinges to secure the shelter to the vehicle. In addition, each ArcRV comes with eight stakes for anchoring the shelter to the ground.  On hard surfaces a gallon jug of water sitting on top of the Arc's ground straps will keep the shelter in place in most conditions. 

ArcRV's stretchy Connector panel will wrap either the Sprinters side or rear door opening in a weatherproof connection that is easily popped off when the time comes to close the vehicle up for the night.  When assembled, the ArcRV “unit” is easy to move and can be repositioned, repurposed or reconnected without any hassle.


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