How many pumpkins can you fit in your Let's Go Aero carrier?


Last week the Let's Go Aero Team accepted the fall challenge and went hunting for this year's best pumpkins grown locally at Green Thumbkin Pumpkin Patch. Armed with the best, we brought the new 2017 BigBoss Hitch Rack and the time-tested GearDeck Enclosed Cargo Carrier to help us haul our jack-o-lantern material home.

We grabbed our pumpkins and placed them inside the BigBoss hitch carrier first; we were easily able to set eight of these large odd-shaped vegetables inside of the carrier with room to spare. Using the BigBoss HOODie & Dragnet we secured our pumpkins down to keep them clean and safe while we went back for more!

Kids putting pumpkins in BigBoss carrier

The BigBoss carrier uniquely protects all gear including pumpkins with a solid-walled steel construction that is 48in x 24in x 7in high. Our custom fit HOODie soft enclosure provides 24 inches of overall height with an adjustable webbing strap with buckle for tensioning like a draw string underneath the solid pan rack; together with the Dragnet cargo netting (included with the HOODie cover), all cargo is extremely well-secured and the cover isn't going anywhere in inclement weather conditions.

Pumpkins Inside BossHog with Hoodie BigBoss Full of Gear

Needing just nine more we want back to the patch and returned to our GearDeck cargo box. With a spacious 17 cubic feet of storage capacity and interior measuring 26.6inL x 24inD x 25inH, we had all of our pumpkins loaded with lots of room to spare. The front hinged lid opening is quick to operate and offers ground level loading ease for the biggest and heaviest Great Pumpkin of all Charlie Browns (we certainly had room for his).

We were easily able to get all the pumpkins we needed for company decorations, pumpkins carvings and pies with vacant space both at tray and stacked levels. So now we're wondering, how many pumpkins can you fit in your LetsGoAero cargo carrier? Send us your videos and snapshots of your carrier in action this fall season via email or share them with us online on twitter or Facebook

GearDeck with Pumpkins inside


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