LittleGiant Utility Trailer vs. SpecOps Off-Road Trailer

LittleGiant Utility Trailer vs. SpecOps Off-Road Trailer
The newest addition to the Let's Go Aero trailer family, Spec Ops, is a heavy-duty, off-road, multi-use trailer. Many have asked, "What are the differences between the LittleGiant Trailer and the Spec Ops trailer?" We've laid out the details for you all, read below and enjoy.

First and foremost, at Let's Go Aero we take pride in the fact that our trailers are lightweight, high-capacity, made in America , hauling machines. That hasn't changed. The evolution of our brand has taken a turn towards more daring, treacherous territory and the Spec Ops trailer line will help you get there. While essentially built on the same design, this evolution of Let's Go Aero ingenuity is something you need to hear about. I discuss these differences and similarities below:

Spec Ops Trailer
The ultimate AnyRoad™ gear hauler for Jeep enthusiasts to the city slicker. Enjoy the same pick up bed form and function as our LittleGiant Trailer line in a beefed up body yet lightweight efficiencies. Made for the outback or the back yard, Spec Ops is ideal for any car from the compact to SUV, Jeep to trucks.

  • Payload Capacity - 2,000 lbs.
  • G.V.W.R. (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) - 2,460 lbs.
  • Tire & Wheels - 29” All-Terrain Light Truck Tire
  • Curb Weight - 460 lbs.
  • Construction - Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, matte black powder coat finish

 Spec Ops with Seal Skin Cover on Trail

LittleGiant Trailer

This 3/4 ton truck bed LittleGiant Trailer is built for over-drive with performance-driven features and pick up bed design for unlimited uses and modular expandability. Lightweight pulls easily with small cars or big on all-terrains including highway, improved, and the off-road.

  • Payload Weight - 1,500 lbs
  • G.V.W.R. (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) - 1,920 lbs
  • Tire & Wheels - 24" Diameter Wheels
  • Curb Weight - 420 lbs
  • Construction - Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

LittleGiant Trailer on Trail


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