Let's Go Aero and Lippert Components Bring Accessories to Jack-IT Bicycle Carrier for Cross Platform Vehicle Uses

Jack-it 2-Bike Carrier on Jayco Hummingbird

Let’s Go Aero and Lippert Components add new dimension to cargo management with a selection of Jack-IT® related products for universal modularity across ranging vehicle surfaces with the introduction of the Bump-IT™, BikeBase™, Hitch-IT™, and BikeWing™ additions.

The Jack-IT is an A-frame mount two bike carrier and has reshaped bicycle transport methods on RVs since its release in 2016 and immediate market success. Using the Jack-IT’s VRack™ design, the new family of products transform to carry two bicycles in what has been unused space on a variety of RV travel trailer, cargo trailer, and passenger vehicle surfaces.

Let’s Go Aero’s VRack™ technology has two adjustable arms that securely grip two bicycles by the wheels on each side of the V in a motionless Zero-G™ state. The Zero-G four-point wheel grips adjust to securely carry all bike sizes and frame styles including beach cruiser bikes, tandems, recumbents, and adult and child bikes.

The new Bump-IT is a hitch adaptor that lets the Jack-IT owner move their bicycle rack between their travel trailer and the tow vehicle by using the modular V section of the Jack-IT called the BikeWing™. Simply unbolt from the Jack-IT and re-bolt to the Bump-IT adapter that fits any receiver style tow hitch. RV travelers are able to repurpose their bicycle rack from camping to touring travel interests.

 Jack-it Bump-it on Jeep Wranger Bump-It Hitch Adapter Studio


Similarly, the new BikeBase is a tube clamp device that expands the VRack mounting choices to the front of a straight or A-frame style trailer tongue, and other tubing surfaces. Simply unbolt the BikeWing from the Jack-IT, or use a new BikeWing also offered as a new accessory, and bolt the V to the BikeBase.

 Bikebase Trailer Tongue Bike Carrier Adapter BikeBase on Travel Trailer Tongue

Rounding out the four new Jack-IT family additions is the Hitch-IT, a combined offering of the BikeBase and the BikeWing for a complete all-in-one packaged system for carrying two bikes on tow bars and tubing. Designed to address the storage needs among trailer users, Hitch-IT solves the problem of bicycles taking up disproportionate amounts of room inside trailers often used for moving or long trips entailing lots of gear. The owner is able to mount their bikes to the trailer’s drawbar instantly, thereby freeing up much needed interior space.

 Hitch-it 2-Bike Carrier on Travel Trailer Tongue Hitch-IT 2-Bike Carrier on Boat trailer tongue

The Jack-IT family of products are sold exclusively by Lippert Components to the RV OEM and automotive aftermarkets. The new Jack-IT accessories line is available as of January 2019.


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