Off the Grid Trailer Adventuring with the TreeHaus Off Road Camper

LittleGiant Treehaus Camper with Doos Open

How we “get away from it all” depends on one’s preferences and the camping and play gear we can take with us. In the Let’s Go Aero playbook, the ideal means for a real adventure is with the LittleGiant TreeHaus™, an all-in-one trailer system designed for cargo, utility, and camping. Thanks to its unique construction and multi-functional aspects, travel to the best of Colorado’s wilderness where the Wild Things roam is made possible.

An early fall trip to Colorado’s La Garita Wilderness is the focus of this story. Located on the south end of a volcanic caldera ranging 20 miles in diameter in the central part of Colorado, the La Garita Wilderness ranges between 8,000 and 14,000 feet, and has a rugged topography of carved valleys, many small streams, and off-road conditions. A truly ideal spot for trailer tent camping.

Kids around fire with LittleGiant Treehaus Camping Trailer

Traveling 180 miles on highways, Forest Service roads, and rugged tributary trails, the LittleGiant Trailer™  or our "Off Road Camper"was put to the task of crossing the Continental Divide three times in route to its final descent into a perfect valley floor. This is the end of the road, a place where the final trail scoots you through a tunnel of aspen and pin overgrowth and 4-wheel low range feels just right. A place where RVs and toy haulers simply do not go due to the steep and potentially treacherous nature of the trails.

"Provides exceptional strength and stability..."

The LittleGiant TreeHaus™ Tent Camper is built upon a ¾ ton pick up bed style trailer designed with a 7’ x 4’6” interior. The solid, all-galvanized construction with 2’ high solid sidewalls holds gear and includes a C-channel track to manage cargo. Both end gates are removable and handy for many utility functions and adaptations. The TreeHaus™ Tent Camper is transported in knock down form inside the LittleGiant Trailer™ in a compact manner that allows full use of the interior for an extensive amount of gear, anything from luggage to outdoor living furnishings to an ATV.

LittleGiant TreeHaus Camper Side View

A HexCap™ hard shell tonneau lid, one of two optional covers offered for weather-proof enclosure, is great gear protection in dusty or stormy and muddy conditions. This trip encountered a weather front, which brought on muddy, slippery road conditions during and after intensive rains. The trailer’s torsion axle suspension and large, 13 inch tires provide 15 inches of ample clearance to handle these varied and rugged all-terrain conditions. Indeed, the LittleGiant Trailer™ has been coined “the Jeep trailer of all trailers ” among discerning users for good reason.

After using several stream crossings to stop and wash off the rapidly accumulating mud, a momentary parting of the clouds into welcomed rays of evening sun made the 20 minute set up from trailer to camper as swift as the changing of the weather. The HexCap™ lid weighs 50 lbs and is easily removable. Two light aluminum deck panels that store along the inside of the trailer’s sidewalls reposition outward and securely attach to the trailer frame. Both front and rear removable end gates reposition inside the trailer crosswise for a split level sleeping and/or storage surface area. Four feet off the ground on top of the LittleGiant Trailer™, the TreeHaus™ sets up into a large dome with great views and a lot of dry space to spread out and get comfortable.

Interior of LittleGiant Treehaus Camper

Living in the LittleGiant TreeHaus Camper

The camper measures 6 feet 10 inches high by 8 feet 5 inches wide by 7 feet long, and sleeps up to four people with room for standing and gear. Entry doors on both ends with zippered mesh screens, two large bay windows on both sides, and mesh sky view ceiling provides 360 degree visibility and great ventilation. A rain fly, and tie-ins and tie outs, keeps the interior dry and easily withstands the tent industry standard for incremental weather at 35 MPH+. The fabric is a 190 rip stop polyester with a 2000 mm polyurethane coating, one of the highest quality levels for water resistance among tents that translates into field proven water-proof performance in both spring snowfall to week long socked-in weather conditions.

Together with the ArcHaus Shelter and Tailgate Tent, an optional side room connective attachment rendering an additional 10 feet by 6 feet by 6 feet 6 inches tall of walk-in, walk-out living space, this outback cargo hauler to remote habitat is spacious and comfortable for living and storing gear. Whether the destination is a campground or a remote wilderness location, it is a constant balancing act between what gear we want to take along, and the space available to transport it. Combined with the vehicle outfitted, and the experience is unique to the beholder. On this excursion, excellent cut bank creek fishing and the Colorado Trail in proximity brought long distance foot travelers, pack horseman, and dedicated fly fisherman into our company for neighborly conversation and amusement. “Did you see that moose?”, was one visitor’s observation. “ Yes”, we said, “we’ve seen him twice”.



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