Protect Valuable Bikes & Gear from Winter Snow & Spring Muck with the BlackBox

BlackBox Cargo Carrier with Downhill bikes in snow

A common joke among Coloradans is, "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." And while it might seem a little far-fetched, most people living along the Front Range can attest to the bi-polar nature the weather can have in just a single day.

Just this morning, I drove to work in 4-wheel drive over slick ice with grey, snowing skies; just two hours later, I looked out the window to see bright sunny blue skies and puddles. And while our weather may feel unique to us in Colorado, anyone who has traveled North America knows bad and fast changing weather is not just limited to Front Range or even the entire Rocky Mountains. With the impending "mud month" quickly at our heels, it comes as no surprise that the biggest reason our customers purchase the BlackBox Cargo Carrier is to keep their gear out of the muck.

No one wants to travel hundred of miles and finally reach their destination to find that water has leaked into their rooftop luggage and rear cargo. Vacations have been ruined on far less and having a cargo carrier that can handle the elements means difference between a good trip and a bad trip. With 51 cu. ft. of dry, secure space, the BlackBox is always the best options to transport bikes, snowboards, skis and luggage safe and dry all under one lid. Made with 18. ga black powder coated steel the BlackBox supports up to 300lbs which means it even store heavy e-bikes and mobility scooters who's delicate electronics can be most affected by rain and slush. One anonymous reviewer told us they use BlackBox to carry a whole punch list of gear safe from the weather including: 2 bikes, an inflatable kayak, paddle-board, a hanging chair, a tent, a toolbox, and roll of carpet commenting, "It keeps my important toys dry, safe, and out of the weather."

If keeping your gear clean wasn't enough to worry about, anyone who's ever lived far enough north will gladly tell you the dangers caused by gravel and road salt. Sprayed onto the road by the DOT, gravel and road salt help drivers avoid sliding during icy and slippery conditions but cause damage and rust to vehicles and rear mounted gear every other of the day of the year. Fat Bike enthusiasts Jen C. and Jen W. recently told us about their past experience with road salt in Wisconsin, "There is nothing more corrosive to a bike than salt. We would try to devise plans on how to get to the trailhead and avoid the messy or heavily salted roads. It was pretty challenging."

BlackBox Cargo Carrier with Gear

As racers, Jen and Jen needed to know their bicycles are not only going to be clean but be in pristine working condition once they arrive to the event. Now that Jen and Jen have the BlackBox, they told us they no longer worry about salt corrosion or stray rocks, "It ensure our bikes are fully protected from the elements as we travel. Once we got the Black Box, it was so easy. We quickly load the bikes in the Black Box, close the top and lock it. It takes a couple of minutes to get our bikes securely in the box and off to the trailhead."

The BlackBox now has a couple of note worthy updates to include assisted opening gas shocks and tighter weather-proofing to make sure gear stays spotless and easy to access no matter how far you travel.

Click here for more information about the BlackBox Cargo Carrier and how to keep bicycles and gear safe and clean during winter.

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