The Hidden Dangers of Bolt-On Bumper Mounted RV Hitch Receivers

The Hidden Dangers of Bolt-On Bumper Mounted RV Hitch Receivers

Hello, fellow adventurers! At Let's Go Aero, our dedicated team of product specialists and outdoor enthusiasts is committed to ensuring your travels are both enjoyable and safe. Today, we're diving deep into an often-discussed topic in the RV community: Bolt-On Bumper Mounted RV Hitch Receivers. Their cost-friendly nature might seem appealing, but our Let’s Go Aero Team consistently cautions against their use for both LGA products and other hitch accessories, and here's why. 

Many RV owners are drawn to RV Bumper Hitch Receivers because of their affordability and ease of installation. They're often used to carry spare tires, bicycle carriers, and other accessories. But, as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for."

It's not just us at Let's Go Aero raising the red flag. Many travel trailer companies also caution against using these hitch receivers. The primary concern? While the RV Bumper Hitches might boast a high weight rating, the travel trailer bumpers they're attached to often don't share the same strength. Many of these bumpers have low weight ratings, hovering around 100lbs, or worse, no weight ratings at all.

 The Misconception of the "RV Bumper"

 A common misconception is that the rear "bumper" of many travel trailers is a sturdy structure. In reality, many of these so-called "bumpers" are merely holders for RV sewer hoses. Imagine the potential disaster of mounting heavy accessories on such a fragile foundation!

 Real-Life Consequences

 We've seen the aftermath, and it's not pretty. Customers have come to us with tales of lost bicycles, damaged spare tires, and other travel essentials, all because the RV bumper couldn't handle the weight. These unfortunate incidents not only result in financial losses but can also pose serious safety hazards on the road.

 RV Bumper Hitch Failure with Bike Rack RV Bumper Hitch Mount Failure RV Bumper Hitch Failure

Our Recommendation

For the safety of your belongings and fellow travelers, we strongly advise against using Bolt-On Bumper Mounted RV Hitch Receivers. Instead, consider investing in an RV-approved Standard Hitch Receiver. Yes, it might be a bit more costly, but the peace of mind is worth every penny. We recommend having it professionally welded onto your RV. This ensures that you can safely mount not just Let's Go Aero's products but also hitch accessories from other companies.

Before mounting anything to the rear of your vehicle, always check all weight ratings - from the chassis to the hitch and the accessory. Remember, adventures are best enjoyed when safety is a priority. Here's to many more safe and memorable journeys ahead!


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