ArcRV and ArcHaus Carport Shelters Expand RV Living and Storage Space

ArcRV and ArcHaus Carport Shelters Expand RV Living and Storage Space

Update! The ArcRV has been replaced the all-new Moon Unit - Van Life Addition!

Our outdoor lifestyle experts have introduced an innovative way to expand RV living and storage space with the adaptable new ArcRV side room and awning addition to the Tentris line of modular carport shelters.

These versatile designs allow users to conveniently add a covered side room, breezeway or a completely enclosed gear storage area or pet’s sleeping quarters to RVs, truck campers or vans.

The ArcRV side room addition was debuted at RVIA, the RV trade industry's annual show in Louisville Kentucky in early December 2014.

“The ArcRV and its related ArcHaus family of products were created to be a virtual Swiss Army Knife type of solution for a range of RV and outdoor applications,” said Marty Williams, president of Let’s Go Aero. 

ArcRV on Travel Trailer rear

Easy to set up and transport, the ArcRV was engineered to be a durable extension that fits snugly around the doorway or rear area of Class B Sprinter and van camper RV models and some RV towables.

Its sloped, conicalshape is 10 feet wide and six and a half feet high in the front, rising up to meet the RV door area with a height of eight feet nine inches. An RV Connector (also available seperately), a sturdy lower valance panel, securely attaches to the space below and around the RV door to create a completely enclosed area for gear storage or to create a secure and separate living quarters for pets.

ArcRV on Small Travel Trailer

Constructed of a 2,000 mm coated polyester with 185T nylon ripstop, a highly water-resistant fabric material among tents, and with rugged powder-coated steel and fiberglass poles, the ArcRV is designed for staying dry in the heaviest of rains and for years of traveling convenience.

In addition to the ArcRV, Lets Go Aero offers the ArcHaus Shelter, a modular walk-in, walk-out tent shelter that can be connected to the ArcRV or set up independently. ArcHaus Shelter features the same high-quality construction as the ArcRV, and can be configured with two zip-on panels for full enclosure with large screens or used as a sun shade canopy by removing one or both door panels. This 10-foot long, six-foot wide and six foot six-inches high shelter can be attached to the ArcRV with the Zipper Mate, a zip-on panel option for increased living space or gear storage.

ArcRV on Airstream



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