Tentris Line of Carport Shelters: A System Overview

Tentris Line of Carport Shelters: A System Overview

Update! The ArcRV has now been upgraded to the Moon Unit - Van Life Edition!

Outdoor enthusiasts, campers, tailgaters, RVers and everyone else seeking adaptive shelters for vehicles and weather conditions have much in common, thanks to the Tentris family of modular shelters.

The first tent product, the  ArcHaus Shelter, was first introduced in 2010. This stand-alone, modular living shelter, complete with two zip-on screened doors that affix to an Arc shaped canopy is fundamental to the adaptive traits of the system technology.

Most popular uses are as a tailgating tent or awning, sun shade, carport shelter for partial vehicle coverage, a bridge canopy between to objects, or as a camping shelter but, it doesn't stop there. What makes ArcHaus special and sets it apart is not only the wide range of potential uses, but the accessories that can be used in conjunction with its primary function. 

ArcHaus Zipper mate

For folks that prefer the comforts of an RV, truck, or sedan we understand; that's why you have the option of connecting the ArcHaus to the vehicle directly. The Tailgate Connector  is available in two different sizes, 5 ft. and 6ft. (5 ft. for mid-sized vehicles and 6 ft. for mid to large-sized vehicles) and is connected via the vehicles hatch, tailgate, barn doors, or around the side doors of vehicles such as the Eurovan Camper. For the more adventurous types, we offer the chance for you to take your Arc experience further with the help of the Screen Room Clip-On Interior accessory. In this manner, the ArcHaus tent exterior is like a shell that can be taken off for a complete screened enclosure that provides protection from bugs. 

Feel like kicking your outdoor living experience up a few notches?

The  18" Zippermate Extension allows you to keep the fun going by connecting two (or more) ArcHaus doors together to create more living space for you and your guests.

A new and exciting product has evolved this year to meet the much discussed need among the RV community for a side room awning. The ArcRV, a modular side room, is constructed and designed from the same angle as its family member the ArcHaus but, with a few twists. Designed for Sprinter RVs and other comparably spaced models, the ArcRV slopes to a higher point, 6 ft. 6 in. to 8 ft. 9 in. Constructed of 190T ripstop polyester fabric with a 2,000 mm polyurethane coating, one of the highest-quality water and UV-resistant fabric materials among tents, and with rugged powder-coated and fiberglass poles, the ArcRV is designed for staying dry in the heaviest of rains and for years of traveling convenience. Read more about what the ArcRV can do for the standard RVer.

The RV Connector is designed for doorway wrap on Sprinter based RVs and other similar sized doorway. Just like the ArcHaus Shelter, you are free to connect doorways to both sides with the result being an enclosed living shelter for gear and even cooking.

This shelter positions against the side doors of RVs and in the case of sprinters, it can function as a rear tailgate tent as well.

Please take a moment to review some field photos below viewing of both the ArcHaus and the ArcRV along with its add-ons. 

ArcRv on Sprinter


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