The ArcHaus Living Shelter Is Not Your Average "Car Tent"

ArcHaus Side Shelter on Large SUV

Whether you're tucked away in the mountains, lounging in the desert, or supporting your local sports team, the ArcHaus living shelter will be there for protection and functional support.

Another entry in the LGA Gear Challenge has emerged, and boy do they have some things to say about their ArcHaus! After a lengthy camping trip in the thick of it, we have strong reports of a "Mission: Success". 

I recently caught up with this customer and asked her to elaborate on her experiences with this ArcHaus set up, read about her wonderful experience below: 

"We just finished a 10-day all-camping trip with our new ArcHaus, so much fun! We come from a background of tent camping, but wanted to try to make for a more comfortable camping experience.  We had removed the rear seats in our RAV4, built a platform, and put in a nice foam mattress (can fold it up, taco-style, for more room when actually on the road). We had tried out three other “car tents”, with less than satisfying experiences, until we learned about the ArcHaus. We found that the ArcHaus was not only big enough to stand up in, but that it had great floor room, and attached nicely to the back of our vehicle with the Vehicle Connector.  The RAV4 has a open-up hatch door on the rear, so our process is to park the car with enough clear space behind it, deploy the ArcHaus, open the back hatch, and adjust as necessary to make a good seal.  We really liked that we can take the car away for the day, and leave the ArcHaus deployed (with the door zipped up over the Vehicle Connector, so everything is secure inside.)  We did have some rain on our trip, but everything stayed nice & dry inside. That big screen window is great for viewing when it is raining outside, or best yet, when you want that leisurely cup of coffee while still lounging in bed in the morning! One of the biggest pluses, of course, is that when we are ready to journey on, we just pack up, and everything reduces down to fit inside or on top of the RAV4."

ArcHaus on SUV  ArcHaus Shelter on SUV


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