The Enclosed Cargo Carriers Story

GearDeck Cargo Carrier on Jeep Wrangler

Cargo capacity is a Let’s Go Aero specialty. For over a decade, our GearSpace® 34 cargo carrier has been the industry largest at 34 cubic feet. By using the hitch rather than the rooftop, space is obtained in a more advantageous form, enough for two bicycles with luggage travel gear in a securely enclosed capsule.

Yet there’s more – more needs for space when we road trip, be it among the RV motorhome traveler, families and beloved pets, avid cyclists of any age group, folks with mobility equipment to name a few purposes.

We are pleased to release our Next Generation product line of enclosed cargo carriers this year. Built upon our GearCage® hitch rack technology, we offer 4 foot and 6 foot length models in several pod sizes and functional features.  The result are capacities ranging from 20 to 51 cubic feet, form enough to hold up to four bicycles or large wheel chairs and scooters.  

BlackBox Cargo Carrier on RV

Be sure to visit our Enclosed Cargo Carriers department as you browse our online store for solutions and new adventure propositions.  And, connect with us on our enewsletter for announcements about further line enhancements releasing in September.



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