The Twintube Platform: Strength, Versatility and Time-Tested Excellence

TwinTube Platform
Let's Go Aero's award-winning Twintube platform is designed with a remarkable dual tube design, industry-leading weight capacity, convenient slide-out functionality, and has had proven performance since 2004. The Twintube platform offers unmatched versatility and reliability for outdoor adventures needing to expand their vehicle storage capacity. Join us as we delve into the exceptional features and benefits of the Twintube platform, along with the range of Let's Go Aero products that harness this renowned technology.

  1. Dual Tube Design and Heavy-Duty Weight CapacityTwinTube was conceived to solve the stability issue with hitch racks, which like to tilt, rock, and rattle. These industry standard style racks are designed with a single tube that runs from the hitch connection rearward for overall structural load support, with a mesh or basket style rack affixed. Just as the name implies, TwinTube uses a dual tube structure for improved strength and stability by way of an innovative design that stems from the standard single tube hitch connection point. Once attached to the hitch, the structural platform rises and separates into two rearward extending tubes with cross channels. This design provides a solid weight capacity rating of 500 gross lbs, providing a robust solution for carrying substantial cargo, from bikes to camping gear and beyond. What truly distinguishes the Twintube platform is its ability to surpass expectations, as it has been rigorously tested to support over 1500 lbs to ensure peace of mind on your outdoor adventures.

  2. Slide-Out Capability for Easy Rear Access: Understanding the importance of convenience and accessibility, we integrated a slide-out feature into the Twintube platform. This functionality allows for seamless access to the rear of your vehicle, whether you have an SUV with a hatch, a truck with a tailgate, or a Sprinter Van with barn doors. With our slide-out capability, there's no need to unload your entire cargo carrier to reach your belongings. 
    Gearspace on Twintube platform GearSpace TwinTube Slideout
  3. Stability for RV Towable Rated Usage: When it comes to towing and stability, the Twintube platform excels. We have meticulously designed this platform to provide rock-solid stability, making it suitable for use on travel trailers and RVs. The robust construction and secure attachment using the patented Silent Hitch Pin ensures that your cargo carrier remains steady, secure, and noise free, even during long journeys on challenging terrains. With the Twintube platform, you can embark on your travels with confidence, knowing your gear is in safe hands.

    V-Lectric Bicycle carrier on Twintube Platform Mounted to RV Travel Trailer
Let's Go Aero Products Utilizing the Twintube Platform:

V-Lectric & V-Lectric PRO E-Bike Carriers: Experience convenience and reliability with our V-Lectric and V-Lectric PRO E-Bike Carriers. These carriers leverage the strength of the Twintube platform to securely transport electric bikes. Enjoy the ease of slide-out access and exceptional weight capacity, as we redefine the way you transport your e-bikes.

V-Lectric E-Bike Carrier

GearSpace Enclosed Cargo Carrier:
Maximize your storage space with the 34 cu. ft. GearSpace Enclosed Cargo Carrier, utilizing the Twintube platform. Whether it's camping gear, sports equipment, or other belongings, this cargo carrier provides ample room while maintaining stability and easy access through the slide-out feature.

GearSpace Cargo Carrier
GearDeck Cargo Carrier: Our GearDeck Cargo Carrier combines spaciousness and versatility, making it an ideal solution for additional cargo like generators. Built on the Twintube platform, it has 17 cu. ft. of storage space and hassle-free access to your gear, empowering you to bring everything you need on your journeys.

GearDeck Cargo Carrier
Blackbox & BlackBox PRO: Engineered for ruggedness and durability, the 51 cu. ft. Blackbox and 64 cu. ft. BlackBox PRO cargo carriers are the largest cargo carriers in the world and are designed to withstand any adventure. These carriers embrace the Twintube platform, offering heavy-duty capabilities and the convenience of slide-out functionality. 

BlackBox Cargo Carrier
Upcoming Soon! The V-Lectric VFR E-Motor Bike Carrier: We are thrilled to announce our upcoming addition to the Let's Go Aero family: the V-Lectric VFR E-Motor Bike Carrier. Available in August 2023, this cutting-edge carrier is specifically designed for e-motor bikes. With an impressive weight capacity of up to 150 lbs per bike, a ramp for easy loading and unloading, and our new Tilt-up feature for the Twintube platform, we are redefining the possibilities of e-bike transportation.

VFR E-Motor Bike Carrier
Let's Go Aero's Twintube platform brigns versatility and performance to the world of cargo carriers and bike racks. Our commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in a dual tube design that offers a heavy-duty weight capacity, convenient slide-out functionality, and stability. With a range of Let's Go Aero products harnessing the Twintube platform, including the V-Lectric & V-Lectric PRO E-Bike Carriers, GearSpace, GearDeck, Blackbox, and BlackBox PRO, you can embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence and convenience. Stay tuned for the upcoming V-Lectric VFR E-Motor Bike Carrier, which promises to revolutionize e-bike transportation with its exceptional features. Let's Go Aero invites you to explore the limitless possibilities of the Twintube platform and redefine your outdoor experiences like never before.

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