Unpacking the Joys of Let's Go Aero Trailers with a Rooftop Tent

LittleGiant Trailer with a Roof Top Tent

Glamping has become the buzzword in the camping universe. For those who've been living under a rock (or, let's be fair, a tent), it's a fancier version of camping, with all the mod cons. Kind of like going to a five-star hotel that got lost and ended up in the woods. Now, rooftop tents have joined the glamping entourage, offering a unique blend of comfort and convenience. Our Let’s Go Aero customers have taken this high-end camping revolution to the next level using the Let’s Go Aero LittleGiant and Spec Ops Trailers.

Picture this: you've staked your claim on the most idyllic spot by a lake. Your tent is up, gear sorted, and you're ready for some Zen-filled relaxation. But then, the nearby hiking trail whispers sweet nothings into your ear, or perhaps the kayak's lonely sighs are breaking your heart. But with a traditional vehicle-mounted rooftop tent, you've got two options. One, give up on your day's adventure, or two, pack up your entire campsite (cue dramatic music), only to wage the setup war again upon your return. No thank you!

Here to save the day is the superhero team-up of our Let’s Go Aero trailers and the rooftop tent. With the powerful sidekick - the accessory Heavy-Duty Base Rack - these savvy campers have found a way to keep their campsite intact while they chase their day's adventure. No packing up, no resetting, and zero disruption to their zen mode.

And the icing on the camping cake? Your vehicle is always ready for action, whether it's a quick jaunt into town, an impromptu exploration, or an emergency marshmallow run. No restructuring, no repacking, just the freedom of the open road.

So, why the fuss over Let's Go Aero trailers? Well, it's like asking why dogs are better than cats (kidding, cat people). The trailers are light as a feather (ok, a bunch of feathers), yet tough as nails, making it a breeze to haul your gear. They offer ample room for all your camping toys, without turning your vehicle into a slowpoke.

Attaching a rooftop tent onto your Let's Go Aero trailer is as complex as assembling IKEA furniture - which is to say, not very. Many tents can be snugly fitted to the trailer's accessory Heavy-Duty Base Rack C-Channels. Once installed, popping up and stashing away your tent is as easy as flipping pancakes.

Spec Ops trailer with rooftop tent and gear closed Spec Ops Trailer with rooftop tent open with gear


Spec Ops Trailer with Rooftop Tent closed

And what's the payoff, you ask? An enhanced camping experience, my friend! A Let's Go Aero trailer with a rooftop tent offers a ticket to those coveted camping spots which were previously a dream. It simplifies your journey by combining your gear and sleeping arrangements into one neat package. So you can focus on what truly matters: exploring the wilderness, soaking up nature's wonders, and mastering the art of s'mores.

With a Let's Go Aero trailer outfitted with a rooftop tent, the adage "home is where you park it" takes on a brand new flavor. It's a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and versatility that regular camping just can't hold a torch to. More than getting from point A to B, or finding a place to rest your head, it's about immersing yourself in the adventure with the knowledge that a secure and cozy base awaits your return. So here's to you, adventurous spirit. May the camping odds be ever in your favor!


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