How to Tandem and Recumbent Bikes on your Hitch

Tandem Bike Hitch Carrier

Tandem bicycles, with their unique design allowing two riders to pedal in sync, offer a shared cycling experience unlike any other. These bikes are perfect for couples, friends, or family members looking to enjoy the outdoors together. However, the elongated frame and dual seating of tandem bikes pose a challenge for transportation. This is where Let's Go Aero steps in, offering innovative solutions to transport your tandem bike with ease.

Recumbent Bike Hitch Carrier

Safe Transportation of Tandem Bikes

Transporting a tandem bike safely requires careful consideration due to its size and shape. Ensuring the wheels and frame are securely fastened and providing enough space to prevent any contact with the vehicle or other bikes is crucial. High-quality bike carriers from Let's Go Aero are designed to meet these needs, ensuring your tandem bike is transported safely and efficiently.

Our Hitch Carriers for Tandem Bikes

While Let's Go Aero's wheel mount system typically grabs the bikes by both wheels, all of racks can grip bikes from any part of the bike wheel or frame that is under 2.75 inches in diameter (4in with a fat bike add-on), ensuring a perfect fit for even for bikes of unconventional shapes, sizes, or extended lengths like tandem bicycles. Mount odd shapes bikes simply by supporting the bike on one side by a wheel and on the other side by the frame. In some cases, it may even be best to grab from frame on both sides of the bike. Such versatility guarantees that regardless of a bike's unique design, it can be transported safely and securely.

We offer carriers specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of tandem bikes, such as:

The BikeWing-2 PRO (#B02189): A versatile wheel mount carrier featuring universal cradles and a tilt mechanism for easy rear hatch access.

BikeWing-2 Bike Carrier
Two Bikes on SUV with Hitch Carrier
Bikewing-2 PRO on SUV with Bikes


The NEO-2 (#B01748): Known for its universal fit and ease of handling, this carrier ensures your tandem bike is secure and ready for any adventure.

NEO-2 Two Bike Carrier
Neo2 Bike Carrier with 2 Bikes
Bikewing-2 PRO on SUV with Bikes


    Federal Standards for Bike Transportation

    It's important to be aware that federal standards mandate that bikes mounted to the rear of a vehicle must not exceed 102 inches in length. This regulation ensures that tandem  and similar bikes are transported safely, without extending beyond the vehicle's dimensions and posing a risk to other road users. If your bikes are over 102”, you may be able to shorten the bikes overall length by removing and storing the front tire or other sections of bike separately in the vehicle.

    Tips for Securing Your Tandem Bike
    To ensure the safety of your tandem bike during transport, it's essential to:

    • Double-check all connection points for security.
    • Use additional straps for extra stability.
    • Follow the user manual's guidelines for best practices.

    Let's Go Aero is focused on providing straight-forward, effective solutions for transporting bikes of all shapes and sizes including tandems. Our carriers are designed to address the unique challenges posed by these bikes, making your cycling adventures more accessible and enjoyable. If you are unsure about which of our bikes carriers will work best, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 719-630-3800 so we can help you make the best decision for your bike and vehicle.


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