The Versatile Utility Trailer: What It Is and Its Various Use

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Utility trailers are indispensable tools for both personal and professional use. Often overlooked, these versatile vehicles play a crucial role across a wide range of industries, from agriculture to entertainment. In this article, we will delve into the functionalities and advantages of utility trailers, and naturally talk a little bit about our Let's Go Aero trailers, the LittleGiant and Spec Ops Trailer. Understanding what utility trailers are, their various specifications and features, and the diverse ways they can be employed will help you fully maximize the use of your trailer for all of your future projects.

What is Considered a Utility Trailer?

At its core, a utility trailer is a non-motorized vehicle designed to be towed by a car, truck, or tractor, providing additional cargo space without the need for a larger vehicle. Typically open at the top but sometimes covered, these trailers allow for easy loading and unloading of various materials and equipment. Depending on the manufacturer, they come in a range of sizes and are constructed from different materials, to cater to varying different weight capacity needs and durability requirements.


Spec Ops Enclosed Trailer Off-Road

What is a Utility Trailer Used For?

Utility trailers are essential tools in various industries, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency. They are crucial in farming for transporting supplies and produce, in moving services for relocating household items, and in landscaping for hauling materials and equipment. Each of these applications highlights the indispensable role utility trailers play in simplifying tasks and enhancing productivity across different fields.

Kayak Trailer with Cargo


For small to medium-sized farm operations, utility trailers like Let’s Go Aero’s LittleGiant are vital. They are used to transport feed, hay, and fencing materials across vast properties. Their robust design can withstand the rigors of farm life, thereby optimizing daily chores and increasing efficiency. Trailers with more storage options and high walls also facilitate the easy transport of plants or produce to markets.

Small Trailer for Moving Trees


When relocating, utility trailers provide a practical solution by offering ample space to move household items efficiently, reducing the number of trips needed. They are particularly beneficial for individuals and families without access to large trucks, as well as for college students moving to dormitories or apartments, providing a cost-effective and convenient transport option.

Utility Trailer for Moving


For landscaping professionals, small utility trailers serve as mobile storage units for a variety of tools and equipment, such as lawnmowers, trimmers, and large plants. This mobile capability significantly enhances job site efficiency by allowing quick tool mobility around the site, improving productivity. Utility trailers also allow for the transportation of bulk materials like soil and mulch, offering economic and logistical advantages.

Construction and Trade

Like landscaping, in the construction and other trade industries utility trailers are indispensable for transporting materials and tools efficiently between sites. Their robust design allows for the safe and organized transfer of essential resources like lumber, generators, and specialized equipment, ensuring that everything needed is readily available. As construction site staple, utility trailers play a crucial role in maintaining the flow of work and ensuring the timely completion of construction projects.

Outdoor Adventures and Recreation

Adventure enthusiasts find utility trailers invaluable for carrying camping gear, bicycles, kayaks, and other equipment, enabling robust support for outdoor activities. These trailers ensure that adventurers can bring all necessary equipment along, enhancing the outdoor experience without compromising on the quantity or quality of gear. Let's Go Aero Trailers elevates this utility with innovative camper upfits—TreeHaus, Summithaus, and Crashpad—transforming these versatile trailers into cozy, portable campers. These upfits blend the practicality of gear transportation with the comfort of well-appointed living spaces, significantly enhancing the outdoor experience by offering both convenience and comfort in the heart of nature.

Work Travel

For professionals who require the transportation of large, bulky equipment, utility trailers like the SpecOps Overland are ideal. These trailers can be customized to secure heavy tools and equipment, facilitating various types of fieldwork, from construction projects to live event production. They also double as mobile workshops when loaded with generators and other necessary amenities, making remote and on-site work feasible and efficient.


ATV and UTV Transportation

Utility trailers are perfectly suited for transporting ATVs and UTVs, accommodating the needs of adventure enthusiasts, hunters, and property managers alike. This flexibility is essential for recreational riders and those using these utility vehicles for farm or land management tasks.

Additional Uses

The versatility of utility trailers meets a wide array of requirements. They are used in retail operations to transport bulk goods for craft fairs or to various events. Sports enthusiasts also rely on these trailers to haul equipment for tournaments and practices. Additionally, in times of crisis, utility trailers prove invaluable for disaster relief efforts, transporting emergency supplies, generators, and other essential equipment to affected areas. This wide range of applications showcases the broad utility of these trailers across different activities and needs.


Unique Considerations and Customizations

One of the standout features of utility trailers is their ability to be customized. Depending on the user’s needs, trailers can be fitted with various attachments such as racks, covers, and custom storage solutions, enhancing their functionality for specific tasks. In addition to the camper upfits we mentioned earlier, Let's Go Aero trailers feature a wide range of accessory options for any adventure or task including hard and soft covers, tie-down options and gear rack bars.

How Does a Utility Trailer Differ from a Camping or Cargo Trailer?

Utility trailers are primarily designed for transporting goods and equipment with an open design that offers flexibility for multiple uses including camping and cargo. By contrast, camping trailers are typically enclosed, designed for habitation, and equipped with facilities for sleeping with designated areas for storage. Cargo trailers, on the other hand, are closed trailers used for secure transportation of goods, often featuring lockable doors and a more robust structure for protection against theft and elements. While both are great options if you are only looking for a single-task trailer, utility trailers offer a wide range of options making their use much more universal for all tasks.

Utility Trailers Camping Trailers Cargo Trailers
Design Open design, versatile for multiple uses Enclosed, designed for habitation Closed, secure transportation of goods
Primary Use Transporting goods and equipment Sleeping, camping, and storage Secure transportation of goods
Flexibility Highly versatile for various tasks Limited to camping-related activities Specific to secure transportation
Storage Can be customized with racks and covers Includes built-in storage areas Lockable doors and robust structure
Security Varies with customization (e.g., hard covers) Moderate, depending on design and lock systems High, designed to protect against theft and elements
Best For Multiple tasks: farming, moving, landscaping, recreation, work travel, and more Camping trips and outdoor adventures Transporting valuable or sensitive goods securely


Signs It’s Time to Invest in a Utility Trailer

Recognizing the right time to invest in a utility trailer can significantly enhance your personal and professional capabilities. Here are some indicators that investing in a utility trailer could be beneficial to you, your family, or company:
  • Frequent Transport of Bulky Items: If you often need to move large or heavy items, a trailer provides the necessary space and ease.
  • Need for Additional Cargo Space: If you're looking for ways to increase your hauling capacity, a utility trailer can make managing larger loads simpler.
  • Need for Mobile Storage Solutions: If your activities often include the need for on-the-go storage, such as in construction or landscaping, trailers are a perfect solution.
  • Often Renting a Trailer: If you regularly find yourself renting trailers, owning a trailer can be more cost-effective than repeatedly renting one or hiring transport services.
  • Looking to Overland: If you're into road trips or camping, using a trailer can enhance your experience by allowing you to bring more essentials and set up camp comfortably off the ground.
  • Need for Versatility: If you require a solution that adapts to various hauling needs, from garden supplies to motorbikes, trailers offer that flexibility.
  • Convenience for Business Operations: If your business involves frequent transport of equipment or supplies, a trailer can streamline your operations and boost efficiency.
  • Need For Lockable Gear Security: If securing your valuable items during transport is a priority, consider utility trailers with enclosed hard covers for maximum protection against the elements and theft.

Let’s Go Aero Can Help You Find the Right Utility Trailer

Navigating the vast array of utility trailers available can be daunting. Let’s Go Aero offers two robust trailers models that combine versatility and durability, ensuring you find the perfect fit for any job or adventure.

LittleGiant All-Terrain Cargo & Utility Trailer

The LittleGiant All-Terrain Cargo & Utility Trailer is a robust and versatile workhorse, ideal for those who need a compact yet powerful 1,500 lbs payload solution. Capable of being towed by any vehicle, even sedans and ATV's, it excels in rugged environments, suitable for both professional and recreational use.

SpecOps Overland Trailer

The SpecOps Overland Trailer stands out for those who demand the utmost in durability and performance. Designed for overlanding and heavy-duty applications, it satisfies the needs of the most demanding outdoor professionals and enthusiasts with a 2,000 lbs axle and 15" light truck tires.

Little Giant Trailer


Spec Ops Trailer

Spec Ops

Payload Capacity 1,500 lbs, Three-Quarter Ton 2,000 lbs, One Ton Cargo
Curb Weight 480 lbs 540 lbs
G.V.W.R. 1,980 lbs 2,540 lbs
Trailer Bed Dimensions 86”L X 54”W X 24”H 86”L X 54”W X 24”H
Overall Dimensions 121”L X 74”W X 42”H 121”L X 74”W X 45”H
Tires & Rims 24" Tires, 13in Silver Rims 29" Radial Truck Tires, 15" Black Rims
Hub Pattern 5 x 4.5 Bolt Hole Pattern 5 x 4.5 Bolt Hole Pattern
Coupler 2in 2in


Not sure which Trailer is best for you? Contact our Let's Go Aero customer team and we would be happy to answer question you have!

Summing it Up

Utility trailers are more than just tools for transporting goods; they are comprehensive solutions that enhance productivity and simplify logistics across various scenarios. Whether you are a farmer, landscaper, mover, or outdoor adventurer, a utility trailer from Let’s Go Aero can revolutionize how you approach your chores and adventures. Explore the capabilities of these remarkable towables and discover how they can support your lifestyle and work demands.



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