A Cargo Carrier That "Generates" Lots of Powerful Function - LGA Gear Challenge

GearDeck on the front of Truck

Stories of gear hauling adventures come in all forms. A recent submission made by Martin P. will surely turn some heads and show how the boundaries can be pushed with our products.

Martin purchased our GearDeck 17 cargo carrier a little while back and immediately dove head first into customizations to help enhance his outdoor camping experience. 

I spoke with Martin briefly on what specific gear & modifications were involved in this process, what I learned completely blew me away. The ingenuity used goes above and beyond what is commonly seen on the road and rest assured, if a zombie apocalypse is ever upon us, I will be locating Martin very swiftly. 

I asked Martin P. to fill me in on some custom aspects to his rig, his commentary can be found below:

"It contains 2 generators and an air compressor. There is transfer switches installed, so I can toggle (by remote control) between 4 different power sources. There's 3 generators (2000, 3000 and 4500 Watts) connected for amp power and if available shore power from the RV park if not camped in the bush....

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