The SpecOps CrashPad Camper is the extreme all-in-one enclosed cargo, utility, and adventure solution with a quick setup camper for on-the-go. Enjoy the more rugged hauling benefits of the SpecOps Trailer including overlanding, with a hard shell cover that fully encloses and protects your gear.  With the CrashPad, you're never in a jam wherever you find yourself when night falls; simply pop the lid up and jump in bed!

The CrashPad's solid walled tonneau cover construction provides enhanced weather protection and a cooler interior in the summer sun. The CrashPad tent attaches to the inside of the tonneau cover and opens into a tent camper almost instantly. An integrated awning offer sun shade and weather protection, and closes over the rear door when away from the campsite for enhanced privacy and protection from the wind. The interior decking creates two levels of space inside the trailer, allowing comfortable sleeping on deck for two with gear stored below.

The CrashPad is loaded with end gate extras for comfortable living, including rear end gate hinges and cables, and a custom upholstered seating pad for an indispensable tailgate platform for seating, gear, and stepping into camper. The trailer end gate may also reposition as a side table with a set of table cables included for securing over fenders along trailer C-channel, rendering 54in by 24in of surface for cooking and recreation gear.

· SpecOps CrashPad Camper Includes: SpecOps Overland Trailer, HexCap™ Hard Shell Tonneau Cover, CrashPad Tent, Decking, End Gate Table Cable Kit, End Gate Fold Down Tailgate Cable Kit, End Gate Upholstered Foam Pad

Camper Specifications:

· Camper Dimensions: 75”L x 54”W x 50”-80"H (camper bed sloped interior setup); 75"L x  54"W x 26"-48"H (camper deck to ceiling sloped interior setup); 121”L x 74”W x 63”H (overall enclosed trailer)

· Closed Lid Trailer Bed Dimensions: 86” L x 54” W x 24”H solid-walled trailer bed interior with 18" high domed hard shell tonneau cover of added enclosed capacity carries all forms of cargo, from light-duty industrial equipment, construction material and personal travel and lifestyle gear.

· Weights: 540 lbs (SpecOps Trailer), 110 lbs (CrashPad Camping System)

· Payload capacity: 2,000 lbs; G.V.W.R: 2,650 lbs

· Fast Setup: CrashPad sets up in minutes with no tools required! Simply attach the tent to the raised tonneau cover perimeter and end gate opening with heavy-duty velcro, insert four awning poles, and insert the modular interior decking platform. The CrashPad system can also be preset while traveling, making final setup on-the-road a snap!

· HexCap Hard Shell Tonneau Cover: HexCap is ultra-lite and durable, made of heavy weight extruded polypropylene composite 0.50” thick cellular sheet for lightweight rigidity and a durable twenty-year UV rating. Weatherproof, opaque, and lockable (locks not included), HexCap is easy to operate and protects contents during travel, while parked, and when stored. The domed interior adds cargo storage capacity and headroom for sleep and living space. The 55 pound cover measures 86”L x 56”W x 18”H, and is removable for vertical storage in a 56” x 18” floor footprint. HexCap’s attachment hardware includes a set of stainless steel front lift off leaf hinges, automotive locking gas spring lifts for supporting and locking the raised cover fully extended into position for CrashPad camping, and adjustable lockable rear draw latches for ultimate security.

· Modular Tent Design: Compact wedge design with two side zippered windows and a large entry door panel with screened window for great ventilation, with an overhead awning for shade or rain shelter.

· Waterproof, Weatherproof & Tough: CrashPad’s tent fabric is made with UV treated heavyweight 185 denier polyester cordura fabric. A polyurethane coating gives the fabric a 2,000mm PU waterproof rating, keeping you high and dry in the CrashPad. And, the HexCap cellular plastic has a R4 insulating factor to keep the interior cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

· Interior Deck Platform: The modular deck platform provides two levels of functional load carrying and sleeping capacity to the interior of the trailer. The basement storage measures 86”L x 54”W x 21”H. The upper level measures 75”L x 54”W x 24”H with the HexCap tonneau cover closed, and 48” of height above the deck with the tonneau cover open. Support for the CrashPad deck is provided by five evenly spaced steel beams that clip into the trailer sidewall c-channel and are held in place on the bottom surface of the deck with a hook and loop attachment.

· Compact Storage: The CrashPad tent and poles store compactly in a small carry bag weighing 10 pounds, while the interior decking tri-folds into a 75” x 18” x 2” flat panel for easy storing in or outside of the trailer. This compactness ensures plenty of interior room for bikes, luggage, camping and travel gear on the road.

· Rear End Gate Extras: The CrashPad package upgrades the rear end gate to a comfortable bench seat by adding a set of hinges, support cables, and custom upholstered foam pad insert. A second set of end gate cables offers the added option of using the rear end gate as a side table supported above the fender.

Trailer Construction:

· All-galvanized steel construction with black powder coat finished sheet metal body for lifelong durability, 14 gauge x 2” frame tubes, and 18 gauge floor, sidewall, end gate sheet metal

· Integrated C-Channel track on sidewalls for cargo management and modular attachments (84” x 1.625” x 13/16”)

· Removable front and rear end gates

· Torsion axle with grease zert bearing lubrication for independent, quiet, rubber dampened suspension, structural body strength, and low maintenance

· 29” light truck radial tires with 15in Tire, LT235/75R15 D/5H MOD BLACK KR29-KLEVER M/T; 5x4.5 bolt hole pattern

· Jeep style steel Fenders with black powder coat finish

· A-Frame drawbar for strength and load stability with 2” coupler, 30 lbs tongue weight

· LED 4” red square stop, turn, taillights with license plate illumination EPDM shielded wire harness with 4-flat electrical plug

· Trailer marine swivel jack, height adjustable with 5” castor wheel, 1000 lbs rated

· Swing down leveler stabilizer jacks for mobility and stability both on and off the hitch (16in to 22in extended, 1,000 lbs capacity per jack)

· 20” axle clearance and 20 inch recommended tow ball height (tow ball not included)

· Rated for Class I towing or higher

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Lightweight for any vehicle

650 lbs. empty weight and Class I+ Towing means take the SpecOps CrashPad on-road or off-road to your next adventure with any vehicle, big or small.


Durable Construction

Made with 18 ga. galvanized steel paneling and a Made-in-USA torsion axle for performance on and off road.

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