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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Summit Haus and the TreeHaus Tent?

The Summit Haus has a simple 4 pole setup for quick set-up with a lower domed roof; the TreeHaus has a 8 pole set-up and is taller with more head room.

How much space do the tents take when is not set-up? Will I still be able to fit my other camping gear inside the trailer?

Just like a standard camping tent, both the TreeHaus and SummitHaus can be folded neatly up into a convenient carrying bag leaving you plenty of space for gear and equipment. The trailers decking platforms fold inside the trailer bed and take up only 1in-2in of space along the sides of the length of the trailer.

What material are the tents made of?

Its simple really. You just add the questions as blocks and then you edit the question and answer.

How does the TreeHaus & SummitHaus tents handle in the wind?

At Lets GoAero, we recommend that you stake your tent in all environments, and always recommend avoiding setting up your tent in windy or hazardous situations. 

Can I connect the ArcHaus Shelter or the Moon Unit to the TreeHaus or SummitHaus?

Yes! Using either the ArcHaus with Connector or the Moon Unit - Overland Edition you can connect the ArcHaus Shelter to the either the TreeHaus Camper or the SummitHaus Camper.

Do you sell replacement polls and clips for the TreeHaus or SummitHaus?

While they are not currently available on our online store, we can sell replacement TreeHaus parts. Please call our office at (719) 630-3800 and speak with a customer service representative to order your replacements parts. 

Can the Trailers be up fit with larger Tires?

Yes, both trailers be up fit with up to larger tires; although some size may need hub adapters. Both Trailers use a 5 lug by 4.5 bolt hole pattern.