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The BikeWing™-2 VRack carries two standard bikes of all sizes and frames suspended by the wheels on the V-Wing™ and includes new Zero-G™ bike freeze technology for a balanced and stable ride. Ultra-light and easily adjustable for convenience of use, with removable wings for compact storage, and simply ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Features & Specifications

  • Fits two standard security model bicycles of all frames and sizes including adult and children's bikes
  • Easily adjustable wheel cradles with durable rubber straps for a tight grip on bike wheels
  • Featherweight light at only 16.5 lbs (Modular Design: 4.5 lbs V-Wings™(x2) and 7 lbs Shank); rated for up to 40 lbs per bike
  • Quick removable wings for modular compact storage
  • Zero-G bike freeze technology eliminates all bike motion with wheel touch support only, removing all bike frame or fork contact with rack. Zero-G™ system is a combination of wheel cradle and sway stop components:
  • Zero-G system includes four sway stops (two per bike) for tire contact with rubber strap wrap around inside of wheels
  • Zero-G system includes four wheel cradles with rubber strap wrap over outside of wheels
  • Two cushion pads on each V-Wing™ for casual contact (four total)
  • 4” riser shank for great rear ground clearance needs on low clearance vehicles
  • Fits both 1.25in and 2in hitch receivers
  • Lockable NoMotion™ pin for quiet and stable hitch connection and performance
  • Motorized RV approved; not warranted for trailer use

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin B.
I love the product.

I love the product. I like being able to see the bikes on the front of our trailer, not on the back out of sight.

Francis A.
Carrier is very adaptable

Works great, now that I got 4 large straps! Hauled the fat tire bike, along with a small kids bike. The carrier was very adaptable that way.

Al G.
Great with Bike Bunk

Here are some photos of our camping trip to the west cost of Florida to visit our children and grandchildren over the Memorial Day weekend with our camper . We hauled our bikes with your "V" carrier 400 miles round trip and the rack worked "wonderful". Towed great and effortless with practically no movement or vibration. We took the bikes down when backing into the campsite for maneuverability because of the closeness of the bikes to the van but otherwise on the open road and around the cities it was great and we and the grandchildren had fun ridding the bikes once we got there. What makes this rack so special is that it was recommended by JAYCO to use on our 16' Hybrid camper. The rear bumper is not strong enough to take a hitch mount Bike rack and those who have tried it have cracked the frame welds and had to have the frame repaired and re-welded. I used the VEE bike rack rack along with the 'Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk trailer mounted bike carriers for A-Frame Trailers purchased from e Trailer) as recommended by JAYCO and together they worked like a dream. We are looking forward to taking the bike on all of our trips now that we know the bike rack works so well Thank you for all of your help we could have not done it without you because you made it possible.