Locking Silent Hitch Pin® for 3 Inch Hitches

Locking Silent Hitch Pin® for 3 Inch Hitches

Truck brands such as GM, Ford, and Toyota went big this past year. As trucks got bigger, so did their hitches with many 2020 truck models including a standard 3 inch receiver. And, as with these larger sized hitches, new demand is created for a solution to the noise and rattle that occurs when using a hitch accessory such as a ball mount, bike rack, or hitch step.

In response to this noticeable demand, Let's Go Aero is releasing its new 3 inch locking Silent Hitch Pin model to its line of Silent Towing Products® in January 2021. "There aren't many options out there for silencing 3 inch hitches, so we really saw demand skyrocket for a larger Silent Hitch Pin to “Stop the Noise", said Marty Williams, President & CEO of Let's Go Aero.

Just like its Silent Hitch Pin models available for the 2 inch and 2.5 inch hitch, the 3 inch eliminates distracting rattle and motion in the hitch while absorbing shock loads. Rated for up to Class IV or 12,000 lbs of towing, the pin silences trailers, boats, RV, hitch racks, and more for a quiet and distraction-free towing experience. For lockable security, the pin also includes Let's Go Aero’s signature 90° press-on lock design.

The new super-large Silent Hitch Pin is made with an impressive 4.375” clearance span and 6.5” overall length to fit any 3 inch hitch receiver. In addition to the pin lengthened, the heavy-duty zinc coated steel coiled Spring Nut is increased significantly in size to meet the oversize hitch fit requirements. Overall, this 3 inch SHP2040-XXL model is significantly larger and heavier than its 2 and 2.5 inch hitch sized models.

Let's Go Aero Dodge Ram Silent Hitch Pin (SHP2040-XXL) Spec Ops Trailer Off Road

First introduced in 1999, the Silent Hitch Pin is Let’s Go Aero market leading patented technology. With an extensive line of Silent Towing Product offerings for 1.25, 2.0, 2.5, and now 3 inch hitches, the technology effectively removes the distracting noise and movement out of the connection between the hitch receiver and the hitch accessory. Hollow shank tube tow equipment is required (not solid shank devices).

Ready to go BIG?

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