Enhanced Silent Hitch Pin® for 2.5 Inch Hitches Provides State-of-the Art Security

2.5in Silent Hitch Pin

Following in the foot steps of its sibling SHP2040 anti-rattle pin, the Silent Hitch Pin with lock for 2.5 inch hitches, model number SHP2040-XL, also now includes a state-of-the-art 90° lock design that snaps onto the pin shaft effortlessly and without use of the key, leaving the key face fully accessible. This right angle design allows the user to easily install it on many new vehicle hitches that have tighter hitch spacing; the longer pin has a 3 5/8 inch clear space for fit on the larger body Toyota hitches and 2.5 inch GM vehicles.

Additionally, it is firmly protected with a heavy-duty rubber outer jacket for better grip, and integrated weather seals to block moisture. The Silent Hitch Pin components are crafted with a corrosion-resistant chrome-coated steel, hot dip zinc, and stainless steel. For added performance, the Silent Hitch Pin’s motion removing spring nut has been upgraded with an anti-corrosion hot dip zinc surface that naturally lubricates the chrome pin’s threads for simple installation and lifelong performance. The 5/8 inch pin and hex head holes are enforced with a sleeve for equalizing the shoulder across both pin holes. This increases the sheer strength from 28,000 to 34,000 pounds. These high quality features increase the Silent Hitch Pin’s already solid performance and satisfaction among its users.

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