GearWagon AT: The compact efficient and proven trailer

GearWagon AT

UPDATE! The GearWagon AT has now been replaced with our LittleGiant & Spec Ops Trailers. 

Sacrificing space for comfort is no longer part of a road trip with the GearWagon AT cargo trailer. Read this in-depth customer review to learn more about how this big on enclosed capacity yet small for easy towing can transform your traveling experience.

When you're on the road with a trailer, cargo space, weight, and maneuverability are three of the largest challenges to ease of travel. A heavy duty ABS/fiberglass construction, a lightweight of 275 lbs., and an astounding 86 cubic feet of storage space ensures a comfortable and successful trip everytime. Take a look at what a loyal customer has to say about her recent experiences with her GearWagon AT trailer:

GearWagon AT

"Through my travels in June I traveled across many one lane dirt roads, back roads and interstate highways and the trailer just kept rolling along. Never even knew it was behind me and so easy to back-up. What a joy and a great addition to my traveling needs. As you know my plan is to live permanently in my truck as it is set up as a mini RV and the GearWagon AT trailer will allow me to carry the extra gear for my added comfort.After picking up my GearWagon AT trailer in Colorado Springs I spent an other day there then on to Denver for a day. I then traveled over Loveland Pass to Breckenridge for a few days before leaving for the west coast.The rest of the trip went like this:

The magnificent Redwood National Forest...

The wonderful Oregon Coast north...

Inland to the most serene and beautiful Crater Lake...

North to Mount Hood National Forest to Columbia River Gorge...

North into Washington, Idaho to Montana and the grandure of Glacier National Park, south to Yellowstone and the many bison and moose roaming along the roads. South to enjoy the majesty of the Grand Tetons. Made it back to Colorado to visit the Rocky Mtn National Park. The roads were open and the male and female elk were grazing along the road side..."

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