Gone Fishing with GearWagon 125 Cargo Trailer

GearWagon Trailer

UPDATE! The GearWagon has now be replaced with the LittleGiant and Spec Ops Trailers!

Our most convenient trailer for both cargo and camping is the GearWagon 125 Cargo and Camper Trailer.

The nearly full-size pick up bed (7'9"L x 56"W x 52"H capsule) with large truck topper style tonneau cover provides over 125 cubic feet of enclosed capacity. The hard shell trailer is water-tight and lock down secure. With so much room, the headaches of packing readily go away.

Some GearWagon 125 Camper Trailer owners even opt to travel with their bedding set in place. The camper's Decking panels can remain installed for travel rather than stored vertically along the trailer's sidewalls. The tent and vestibule can be left almost completely set up during travel. Simply pop the lid, wrap the tent around the trailer's base (underneath base lip), insert two poles into the vestibule, and you're set.

GearWagon Trailer on Salt Flats 

"Any vehicle with a hitch will do..."

As with all our lightweight trailers, the GearWagon can be towed with any car, big and small. At only 480 to 550 lbs (trailer and camper trailer), there's no need to own a large truck or SUV. Any vehicle with a hitch will do. That includes small cars like the Prius, Subaru, Jetta, Scion, and the like. 

Thanks to the trailer's lightweight construction, it can be maneuvered both on and off the hitch. On favorable terrain, you can pitch the camper where you like. 

Whether you're taking a day trip or staying the night, both models provide a liberating experience when it comes to cargo management and camping. Simply grab your gear, toss it in, and go!


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