Its HOODie Weather!

Big Boss Cargo Carrier with HOODie Cover

It's that time of year again! Time to cover up. Time to buckle down. Winter is coming, and it's wet and mucky. Over the next few weeks, we're going to help our followers find the best soft cover solutions for their Let's Go Aero carriers and gear.

Let's talk about hitch racks.

HOODie Cover on BigBoss Cargo CarrierIf there is one type of cargo carrier that suffers most during the rainy and snowy seasons, it's the open hitch rack or basket cargo carrier. Thankfully the best solutions are simplest, and the HOODie and GearBag enclosures are no exception to the rule. As add-ons for the BossMotiv and GearCage open hitch rack cargo carriers, these soft goods provide weather-resistant security for luggage and equipment of many kinds.

Custom fit sizes for the BigBoss and BossHog Cargo Racks and made with 600D Polyester, the HOODie jacket provides weather-resistant protection in an enclosed space stretching up to 24in high. Secured tightly underneath these sold-walled basket style hitch racks with adjustable webbing straps, the HOODie goes the extra mile by removing any drag on the carrier with the DragNet bungee cargo netting, which stretches over the load and affixes underneath the rack with an abundance of clips along all sides.


 Gearbag Expanded GearBag open with Gear


For the GearCage basket style hitch racks, Let's Go Aero offers the industry's largest expandable cargo bags in two custom fit sizes for the GearCage 4 foot and 6 foot long models. Designed to expand from 16in to 26in high with double-clip straps for quick load and removal convenience, GearBags have a rugged, water-resistant construction made of polyester nylon with a PVC coated interior, aerodynamic curves and compression straps to prevent water pooling, and over-zipper storm flaps.

Did you say bike rack?

We did! In our next blog piece we'll go over innovative solutions to transport and store gear and equipment is weather-resistant environment using the AerPack and Aerbag's made exclusively for VRack style bicycle carriers.


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