Bugs Off Outdoor Living With The Screen Room Solution

ArcHaus & Screen Room without cover

The fun of camping is quickly interrupted when the horse flies and mosquitos come swarming. Even in ideal conditions, bugs make an afternoon outdoor nap nearly impossible. They just won't leave us alone, yet we've come to the outdoors to feel the air, hear nature, see and smell its beauty.

At a minimum, this experience is somewhat precluded in an RV or a tent due to being walled-in. This is alleviated with the Screen Room, a fully screened enclosure for the ArcHaus Shelter from Let's Go Aero.

Archaus screen room view

The Screen Room is a clip-on accessory for the ArcHaus Shelter, sold separately. Using the ArcHaus Shelter's poles, the Screen Room's integrated clips are easily attached and result in a very sturdy and spacious structure that is shy of the ArcHaus's 10' x 6' x 6'6" pole footprint. The full screen interior and water-proof solid flooring allows for an unobstructed experience with the outdoors, affording great ventilation, visibility, and living space for chairs, sleeping bags, coolers, and more.

And that's not all. For rain and shade, the ArcHaus tent may be attached (doors zip on and arc wraps over the pole structure). The ArcHaus is a modular design comprised of the arc tent fabric wrap, and two end panel doors. They may be applied or removed in any configuration for changing environments and weather conditions.

With so many ways to use the ArcHaus Shelter and its system for accessory add-ons, more insights will be shared in our blogs and to our subscribers. Stay tuned.

ArcHaus at Festival banner


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